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The best carb source for burning fat with flexible dieting – Review

IF you find yourself confused about carbohydrates, you are not alone. Carbs are probably the single most vilified and misunderstood macro nutrient our of the 4 macros (yes, there are 4. Carbs, protein, fat and alcohol).

The late ’90s and early 21st century low carb, no carb crazy did an damned good job at convincing us that carbs are bad, and fat is good. Back in the 70’s fat was the enemy and protein was good. In the 80’s butter specifically was evil. See the point? The media is always trying to demonize a macro nutrient, or a food type or a producer of food for the sake of ratings. Being the good (healthy conscious/ignorant) Americans we are, we buy in to it every time. Sugar anyone?

In the last few years, carbs has slowly been making a steady recover from all of the unjust and unsubstantiated claims made against them. We now understand that not only are carbohydrates anabolic (muscle growing) but they are also muscle sparing in the face of a caloric deficit. They also provide energy in the gym and and aid with recovery outside of the gym. Even if you are not a gym goer, carbs are super helpful when dieting!

“Great, carbs are good now. TEll me something I don’t know”.
Well, did you know that when horses are fed oatmeal they can run 3 times longer than when they are fed hay?
Did you know that pasta didn’t come from Italy, but rather China?
Did you know that rice cakes taste like paper flavored Styrofoam?

Moving, on we come to our review of one of the most exciting things to come out of the carbohydrate world in recent years. is a website where you mix up a blend of custom oatmeal based on your nutritional needs or your taste buds.
First, you select the oats, then flavors, fruit, nuts seeds protein, sweeteners and finally, the spices. The great thing is that the flavors are all sourced from the ice cream industry: (S’mores, White Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Carrot Cake, Black Forest Cake etc..).
What I like about MyOatemal is that the nutrition facts update live, as you add or remove ingredients from your custom oatmeal blend. Plus, Anthony has generated a coupon code for all IIFYM readers, which I have posted at the bottom of this article. How great is that?!

Being an fan of all the benefits oatmeal offers over other types of carb sources (naturally gluten free from the earth, slower digesting, longer lasting energy, easier on my belly etc) I had to try a few blends from this exciting company!

I went with the Snickerdoodle Flavor
-PB Lean (dehydrated and defatted peanut butter powder )
-Surcalose (Splenda)
-Blueberries (fruit mix in)

Add their facebook and they are doing giveaways for the first few days of the

myoatmeal review from IIFYM

As you can see its basically oatmeal with your mix-ins, but the thing you are paying for is convenience. You get practically what you want and its already mixed up for you and the calories/macros are labeled on the other side of the container so its easy to track.

The overall taste was superior. Its not overpowering its exactly how you want it.
I got a strong snickerdoodle taste upon having my first bite, and a small bit of PB on the aftertaste from the PB2/PB Lean. The blueberries were scattered throughout evenly and they did not shortchange you on the overall amount, which is great to have.

Overall, if you need something easy and quick to carry around and want something that is already mixed up and flavored for you. This is a great alternative and something to look into.

I know Anthony has commented these are the best sellers:
• Carrot Cake
• Cake Batter
• S’mores Oatmeal
• Black Forest Cake
• Banana Bread

My next purchase will most likely be cookie dough, because that is right up my alley.

For anyone wanting to try out, IIFYM Readers have a unique code good for 15% off: IIFYMacroats

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  • Kate McAvoy

    How do you know which oats to choose?

    • Which ever you like!
      I prefer the 5 grain oats with Flax.
      Smashblend however is absolutely amazing!!!

  • Sorimar

    Where can I find the discount code?? I might just go get a few orders.. 🙂

    • Antmin

      Code is in the article!

  • Leslie

    loved using this product! you can pick any combo of flavors and its so easy to pick everything! the website is set up great! I got two bags for only $18! great deal!

  • Teddy Bobo

    is it best taken during the day? for the regime of fat loss

  • Amy

    Is the PB Lean like a protein powder? Can you use it as a supplement drink?

    When you get a package, does it tell you how many calories are in each serving?

  • Kim

    Can Freekah, or Quinoa be used as subtitutes for oatmeal? Thanks Kim

  • That great info

  • Samantha

    What is the serving size cup wise if we do not have a scale to measure the ounces?

  • Stacie

    Splenda is so bad for you! Is there not an option without it??

    • Susa

      It’s completely custom you can add one of six different sweeteners- he just chose Splenda.

  • Eric

    I was expecting to learn something new about carbs based on how this article started out, but it just ended up being an advertisement with no real information to offer, aside from the product. Kind of disappointed.

  • Amber

    This sounds awesome, but so disappointed in your Splenda choice. Have you read the research?

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