Does my daily macro intake change on non-exercise days?

Should I adjust my macros on days that I don’t exercise?

Image Source: MyFitnessPal (Under Armour, Inc.)


If you used our Macro Calculator or bought a Customized Macro Blueprint for your daily macro intake, then you don’t have to make any adjustments to the macronutrients provided. Both scenarios take into account your weekly needs and divide by 7 to give you a balanced amount of daily macros to eat.

Yet, after some trial-and-error, you’ll notice that you may have different requirements for your needs. Your daily macro intake isn’t finite, it can change as your lifestyle shifts.

Although you don’t adjust for non-exercise days, you will experience a fat loss plateau at some point. Meaning that adjustments to your daily macro intake are a part of the process. This is a natural occurrence on any diet, the difference here is we start you off at a sustainable point.


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