Macro Alcohol Calculator

Sometimes you just want to go out for a drink and not worry about your diet. We created the IIFYM Macro Alcohol Calculator to help you calculate the exact number of calories in your drinks, so you can convert them in to carbs and/or fat. Doing this helps keep your macro tracking diet on point so you continue to burn fat without suffering through boring and restrictive meal plans. Enjoy!

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Convert the calories from your alcoholic beverage into carbs, fat or a combination of both.
Use the slider below to split your drink calories into the macro ratio of your choosing.





STEP What's Next?

1. First, subtract the fat and/or carbohydrates shown in the slider from your weight loss macros.

Doing this will lower your macros by the amount of calories in the alcohol you listed in the macro alcohol calculator above. This way your fat loss calories will add up correctly, even though your macros don't.

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