Author : Edward

IIFYM Vs Meal Plans

  This article is going to upset of a lot of people, as there is no clear definition for a meal plan or IIFYM as far as contest prep goes. So, I’m going to have to take certain liberties here and write this article based on my interpretation of each...

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What Is My Tdee | How Do I Get Started To Lose Weight

How Do I Lose Weight With TDEE? The entire philosophy of “If It Fits Your Macros” is based on the foundation of TDEE. Many people start with a TDEE Calculator to determine their basic goals before they start examining in depth what exactly TDEE is. In 2019 we have seen...

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Carbs at Night: Fat Loss Killer or Imaginary?

1. So where did this ‘no carbs at night’ thing come from? There are quite a few things that everyone in the fitness industry KNOWS. You have to eat 8 meals per day, consume 400g+ protein per day, do fasted cardio, use heavy weights to bulk up, and light weights...

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