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Peter Fitschen has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science from the University of Illinois as well as a BS in Biochemistry and MS in Biology with a Physiology Concentration from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and also a professional natural bodybuilder who has competed in natural bodybuilding since 2004. Peter works as a physique consultant through his company, Check out Fitbody and Physique LLC.

Clean Eating, You’re Doing It Wrong

  Clean eating is becoming an increasingly popular trend in today’s society. However, many who eat clean are often confused by the lack of progress. The purpose of this article is to expand upon the concept of clean eating and to create a dietary approach that’s more efficient and sustainable long-term. A great place to […]

New Lifters: Embrace The Muscle, Forget The Scale

During the short time, you have been weight training you notice that the scale isn’t moving. Yet, visually you can see some muscle growth…

7 Actions to Take When You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

You have made significant strides towards your goal weight. Yet, you just hit a weight loss plateau. What do you do next? Here are the steps…

Cardio Exercise: What’s The Best Method For Fat Loss?

  The new year is among us and with it many individuals are about to embark on a fat loss journey. However, many may be confused as to how to reach their fitness goals. They may be following an IIFYM approach to nutrition (if not, find out your macros here with the IIFYM macro calculator), […]

10 Tips to Keep Fat Intake Low and Consistently Hit Your Macros

  You’ve just received your initial macro numbers from the macro calculator on the IIFYM website and are ready to get started with your weight loss diet plan. After a few days, you notice that you are consistently hitting your protein and carbohydrate numbers, eating a greater variety of foods than ever before; however, your fat […]

High Fiber Diet & Fat Loss: Dial In Your Fiber Intake

  Those who use a flexible approach to dieting such as IIFYM track protein, carbohydrates and fat daily. With IIYFM, no food is off limits so long as daily macro numbers are being hit consistently. However, it is typically recommended that a variety of foods be consumed each day to ensure adequate vitamin, mineral and […]

30 Tips To Maximize Food Volume With Low Macros

  Dieting can be a tough process both physically and mentally, especially when dieting down to contest levels of leanness. Even when doing everything “right”: having food high/cardio low prior to starting a cut or contest prep, taking adequate time between cuts, making small adjustments when plateaus happen, getting away with as much food/as little […]