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Shannon Clark holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Alberta, where she specialized in Sports Performance and Psychology. In addition to her degree, she is an AFLCA certified personal trainer and has been working in the field for over 12 years now. She is a regular contributor to and has also contributed well over 400 articles to a variety of different websites dedicated towards muscle building and athletic performance. Shannon has spent the better part of her adult years researching and studying the top methods to build lean muscle as well as achieve maximum states of leanness. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, experimenting with new recipes, weight lifting, and reading.

The Perfect Macro Ratio: Is There A Superior Macro Split?

  If you are on a mission to shed the excess body fat you’ve gained over the last few years, one question you might be asking yourself is what macro split you should be using. You already may know quite well that you plan to use the IIFYM approach (if not, start with their IIFYM […]

Breastfeeding Nutrition – IIFYM Mommies & Fat Loss Macros

  You just brought a new baby girl or boy into the world and couldn’t be happier. At this stage, you’re probably making the decision (or made it long before you gave birth)  whether to start breastfeeding or not. Breastfeeding, if you are able to, is usually always a wise decision as there are a […]

Tracking Macros While Dining Out: The 3 Best Approaches

Dining Out, If It Fits Your Macros Style You’ve just been invited out to dinner with your friends on a Friday night and immediately feel some excitement at the thought. Soon after, however, anxiety sets in. What about your macros? You do after all have fat loss goals! The great part about IIFYM and the […]

When Is It Time To Fire Your Personal Trainer

  If you’ve been following along with the IIFYM approach to shed fat, build muscle, and achieve a better body (if not, here’s the IIFYM macro calculator) chances are, you’ve been working hard in the gym as well. You likely have hired a personal trainer and have been going at it at least three times […]

Menstruation & Dieting- Mastering Your Cycle

  If you’re like most women and tend to dread that week before your period hits, you aren’t alone. Hormones are running wild and it may start to feel as though nothing you do is helping alleviate the symptoms. Cramps set in, fatigue rages on, and the only action you want to take is staying […]

IIFYM vs. Paleo Diet – Why Not Both?

1. IIFYM Vs. Paleo Diet – Why Not Both? If you’re in the health and fitness industry, chances are, you’ve heard of the Paleo diet before. If not Paleo diet, perhaps the ‘Caveman’ diet rings a bell. Call it what you want, this is currently one of the hottest diets (fad diet?) of today’s times […]

IIFYM & Carb Cycling

Your Complete Guide To IIFYM Carb Cycling What if I told you that you could feast on an abundance of carbs – enjoying a large plate of pasta, a stack of pancakes, or a large bowl of your favorite low-fat frozen yogurt all without packing on any fat? In fact, you would lose fat. Before moving forward, […]