The best source of protein really does depend on what you want to get out of it! Different options can work best for different people with different focuses.

🧪 Bioavailability

This is the extent to which we utilize the amino acids consumed in our meals for functional uses. Whey protein, eggs and fish have the highest reported percentages of amino acids used.

💪 Muscle Building

The effectiveness of muscle-building can loosely be attributed to the insulinogenic effect and the rate at which amino acids enter the bloodstream. With the high proportion of leucine (the most insulinogenic amino acid) in whey protein, this is generally considered a great option for spiking the insulin and shuttling amino acids and other nutrients into cells.

🍽 Low Cal Option

Usually a protein is not the only macronutrient found in a food source. Fats and carbohydrates can be found along with it. Poultry (such as chicken or turkey) and whey are the best options for this. Poultry is generally very lean and can be around 100 calories for 20g of protein. Making it an IIFYMer’s best friend! Whey protein isn’t too much higher, but the final calories are often dependent on the producer.

🥦 Plant-Based

Most plant-based proteins are incomplete sources and if only one source of plant protein is used, we can limit the amount of protein synthesized in the body due to the lack of overall amino acids. Think of it as building a car with only three wheels. Hemp, soy, pea and beans are all potential sources of protein, but ensure you’re eating a variety.

Now, the most important thing is that you are hitting your daily protein intake, but if you ever want to optimize it, here are a few ideas of proteins that you can implement!