We’ve had thousands of clients with medical restrictions. Counting macros isn’t just for those with a clean bill of health. Macro nutrients make up everything that you consume.

The nutrients your body needs don’t change due to your medical dietary restriction. You’ll just need to pay closer attention to what and how much you’re consuming until you find that sweet spot.

Many times, lowering carbs and fat (which lowers calorie intake) helps for those with thyroid issues. Yet, if you’re taking medication to regulate your thyroid, you may be able to stick closer to the calculator’s output.

Calculating For Medical Restrictions*

Adjusting your BMI calculation to your lifestyle variables may be a little more tricky in your scenario but still doable. For instance, we have an entire calculator dedicated to those with PCOS so they have a springboard for counting macros.

Although we don’t have this resource for every medical restriction, we have coaches with extensive experience ready to build a Macro Blueprint for you.

There’s no black and white answer here, counting macros comes down to preference, adherence, activity level, lifestyle etc.

*Before starting any new diet plan, please consult your physician. This is especially vital for those with medical restrictions.