Are you a trainer or coach who has had their livelihood been affected by COVID-19?

Social distancing and lockdown don’t have to mean the end of your business. There is an opportunity for you to create an online fitness business that allows you to increase your income and improve the lives of people all over the world.

Our parent company, MacroActive offers the ultimate business-in-a-box solution for fitness entrepreneurs that want to start an online fitness business.

Picture this:

You’re a fitness trainer and/or nutritionist/dietician who is passionate about impacting as many lives as possible. You’ve built a bit of a name for yourself, whether it’s within the local community or extending to a much wider reach on social media. You’ve got clients asking for your help and advice left right and center and you want to help them all, but you’re quickly losing hours in the day.

You can’t keep up with the demand for offering customized nutrition and fitness advice, as well as continuing to run your own business AND make time for yourself.

Does any of that sound familiar?

In 2015, Josef Rakich approached John Franich and Ken Brickley with this exact problem. Josef had hundreds of clients wanting personalized meal plans and training programs. And he was currently writing them out BY HAND. He had no time for anything else, least of all the gym, which was an essential part of his life as a trainer.

It was here that John recognized a true blue ocean opportunity. We began working with Josef to develop an automated system that would create fully customized diet, mindset, and exercise plans for individual people, at scale. This empowers Josef and other fitness entrepreneurs, to serve an unlimited number of customers in less time. MacroActive was born.

MacroActive has grown, and we now work across a broad spectrum of trainers around the world. From fitness influencers with 7 million followers to smaller personal trainers, our platform caters to all. No matter your sport or niche, be it yoga, boxing, wrestling, or other, we work with all areas of health and fitness.

Believe it or not, there has never been a better time to launch an online fitness business.

In these unusual times, we’re seeing our clients reach new levels of wealth as their followers focus on their fitness and health.

Customized nutrition, mindset and training plans

We created a software that allows you to provide an ultra-personalized experience for as many customers as possible. Vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, Mediterranean… whatever dietary requirements your customer may have, we cater to it. You also have the option to add your own recipes!

Our software has over 1700 preloaded workouts to allow you to publish and begin earning income on day one. You have the option to use our preloaded workouts, or modify, add and personalize the workouts to become your own. No matter your niche, you can create your own unique, tailored training programs.


Our superpower is turning followers into paying customers, and we know what works. Our marketing team has helped over 200 trainers price and promote their online offers for success. Our MacroMillionaire clients receive ongoing work from our marketing team to promote winning ads, killer copy, and social media strategy that sees our clients continue to grow and scale their impact.

Ongoing Support

CEO Ken Brickley and Alec Duncan, our client success manager, share our unique insight and ever-changing tips and tricks with our clients through a weekly screencast. This ongoing support and education have contributed to our clients earning more than 25 million dollars collectively over the last four years.

Customer Support

Our top clients have the option to use our Customer Support network. This allows you to run your business more effectively and free up your time, meaning you can use that time to create high-value content for your customers and followers.

Landing Page

All of our MacroActive clients have a UX enhanced landing page, designed and built for conversion optimization. You’ll get everything you need to reach your customers, build trust and become an authority in health and fitness.

At MacroActive, we have an ambitious goal. We want to use this tool to fight the global obesity problem and impact as many lives as possible. Every 12 seconds, someone dies as a result of being overweight or obese. We all know diet and active lifestyle is the answer.

Our trainers have a voice that reaches large social audiences. Our goal is to reverse this trend by educating as many people as possible.

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives today to discuss how MacroActive can help you scale your impact.