No, is the simple and short answer here. Unless you have an intolerance (autoimmune disease), allergy to certain products or dietary preference, there’s no reason to limit yourself here. Dairy products and fruit aren’t the culprits that cause fat gain.

The Proven Reason Fat Gain Occurs

It’s the overconsumption of calories, so if you’re consistently eating in a hypercaloric surplus then you’re going to put on unwanted weight.  When an individual eliminates dairy products and/or fruit from their diet, they are most likely putting themselves in a deficit.

Should I limit fruit or dairy products while doing IIFYM?

Any voluntary dietary restriction is going to result in consuming fewer calories. It’s far more sustainable to follow a proper daily intake with IIFYM or a flexible dieting approach.

If you need more guidance, one of our coaches will build a Customized Macro Blueprint for you.

This is the beauty of IIFYM, dairy products and fruit can be part of a great diet plan.