Let’s be real here, losing weight is HARD! Staying motivated can be a real challenge, and if you’re anything like us, there will be times when you just hit a wall and want to throw in the towel. It’s in those moments that it’s most important to remember your goals and stick with it!

If you’re lacking motivation, what you need is some inspiration to remind you of what you can achieve if you follow your macros. We have compiled three incredible stories of transformation from people who followed IIFYM and built the body of their dreams.

You too can achieve incredible results if you stay focused, eat the right foods to fit your macros and keep your goals in mind.


tammi before and after

Tammi is married with 2 boys, and she’s a Sergeant in the US Army. In her first year following IIFYM she finally managed to lose the last stubborn 10 lbs she’d gained from pregnancy.

After the initial year of dropping the excess fat, she changed her goals to focus on building muscle and getting as strong as possible.

After battling a food obsession brought on by restrictive dieting, Tammi realized the best way to achieve her goals was through flexible dieting with IIFYM.

“There are no quick-fixes that offer permanent, long-lasting results. It’s a marathon, not a sprint so if you’re just starting out, remember that good things take time! Stick with it and you’ll see results.”

Tammi attributes her success to her unwavering perseverance and commitment. She refuses to let anything get in the way of her goal to remain fit and healthy.


neil before and after

Neil began his weight-loss journey in the winter of 2013 standing at 5’4” and weighing 235 lbs. Now, he’s over 75 lbs lighter, stronger, and happier than he’s ever been.

In the beginning, Neil tried Keto, Atkins, HCG, and numerous others, only to discover that although he had rapid weight-loss in the beginning, the restrictive lifestyle was not sustainable. He found himself hungry, tired, fatigued, and moody.

“Food was a big part of my life and changing it drastically like that wasn’t going to cut it. So I decided to do it right, I started calculating calories for a few weeks and started to show maintainable results.” This led Neil to discover IIFYM where he realized that “it’s not just a matter of caloric deficit, but also the quality of calories and the balance of macro and micronutrients.

“I haven’t changed my diet or the way I look at food since the day I discovered IIFYM, and it has kept my weight off since.”

Neil is proud of the way he’s turned his life around with the help of IIFYM, “when I started at 235 lbs, I could barely walk. If there was a fire in this room where I am right now, I’d be the first one to get caught in flames. Not because of lack of fire exit, but because I couldn’t even move fast enough. So one of the goals I’ve always kept in the back of my mind is to at least be able to be strong enough to carry my own body. Today, I am proud that I can do hundreds of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats. I’m pretty happy that I no longer carry those thoughts with me as well.”

Neil has three key pieces of advice for anyone just starting out on their macro tracking journey:

1. Understand your limits.

The earlier you understand them, the earlier you can modify and change them. The more that you delay the truth about yourself, the longer it will take you to correct your mistakes. I suggest you be truthful to yourself, accept your flaws honestly, and fix them.

2. Embrace the process.

Nobody really cares about the guy who’s gotten a new car because his dad bought him one. However, a lot of people care about the guy who’s worked hard to earn the same car. People admire hard work. It’s no secret. Do not be too caught up with your goals, no matter how bad you want them to happen. Understand that today, you worked so hard that your heart feels content and that alone should be a feeling of success. Forever hold it in your heart, it is what is going to keep you going – not motivation.

3. Love yourself.

Ultimately, this is a journey for you. Be safe. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Eat well and exercise regularly. Do not bite more than you can chew so you can do this for a long time. You will fail, and that’s okay. You will get hurt, and that’s okay. You will also succeed, and that’s okay. Regardless of the outcome of your journey, you must love yourself.


valerie before and after

Valerie began her IIFYM journey at 19 when she was feeling stuck and unhappy with her shape. She knew she had to make a change for her future happiness and health.

Valerie says she was initially hesitant to try tracking macros because she thought it sounded daunting and complicated. But after visiting IIFYM and learning more, she says tracking macros is an incredible way to control your body composition.

Like all of us embarking on a weight-loss journey, her experience has had its ups and downs, but every time she deviates off course, she comes back 10 times stronger!

After finding IIFYM Valerie lost over 30 lbs and is the leanest and fittest she’s ever been in her life.

Valerie says the satisfaction of seeing her body change and grow stronger remains her greatest source of motivation, “Watching my body shape change and realizing that I have full control over my body was a game-changer for me! So many people believe they are not in control of their bodies when they are overweight or out of shape, and it’s empowering when you realize you are. As your self-esteem builds so does the motivation to push forward.”

“The hardest part is beginning, learning, and most of all accepting your mistakes that have lead to your unhappiness. I would tell anyone who is just beginning that they need to take things one day at a time. The hardest part of weight loss and becoming fitter is the patience it requires!

Love yourself every single day, not just when you hit the 20 lbs lost milestone. Enjoy the lifestyle, have fun with it, and learn balance! Accept your bad days or days when you need to indulge and move forward.

The only thing I wish I would have done in hindsight is to start counting macros sooner and not let my fear of misunderstanding the concept of macros prohibit me from reaching my full potential.”

Any of you can achieve results like these! Long-term success is simple, but not easy. You need to focus and commit to sticking to your macros. That means whatever hurdles you may come across, if you’re knocked off course you dust yourself off and get right back on track!

We are so proud of each and every one of you who’ve found long term balance and sustainable weight loss!

We love to hear your success stories so please, continue to share them with us.

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