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Job, medical procedure, wedding, reunion, bodybuilding show, photo shoot etc.
No shame here. We need to make sure we can help you, so be as honest as you can be.
Don't hold back. If I could snap my fingers and make it happen... Put that number.
Please list the exact number of weeks from today until the day of the event
Don't just put 'Very important'. How important is it compared to other things in your life?
Fun with friends, promotion at work, confidence, sex appeal, self esteem etc.
More energy, healthy example for my kids, I'd be taken seriously, I'd love the person in the mirror etc.
Dig deep, what is the root cause?
The #1 biggest thing that holds you back.
Compliments from friends, attract the right partner, fit in to a size 6 dress, win a bodybuilding show etc.
No exercise, no dieting, no restrictions. Just take the pill tonight, and wake up with 15 lbs more muscle and 20, 30, 40, 50 lbs of fat less in the morning.