Weight loss is a challenge for many people right now. Every year you make a resolution, you set many goals and one goal that may be the most important is to lose weight.

Even some of the best weight loss methods take time and patience, to help you prevent eating the same old pizza and burgers and crashing after a few months.

Yes, these cravings won’t go quickly, but you can at least take a step forward to losing your existing weight so that new calories will also shed faster.

Your first step should be to check your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Try the TDEE calculator to find out how many calories you need to burn every day to become slimmer and learn how to calculate body fat.

What is TDEE?

Exercising or regular physical activities burn a lot of additional calories. However, when you combine the calories burned with your BMR, you get an approximate Total Daily Energy Expenditure. The TDEE calculator finds this value depending on the values you put in. It hardly takes thirty seconds to get your TDEE score. Here’s what you need to do:

• Specify whether you are a male or a female. Fill out your age, your height, your current weight, and the weight you want to achieve.

• Next, you need to specify what kind of work you do. Is it a desk job that involves working from home with little or no activity at all, involves light activity, such as a host, usher, or teacher, you are always active like trainers, nurses, or a server, and lastly, very active job like farmer or construction worker.

• Do you exercise daily? Or maybe do weightlifting once a week? Basically, do you indulge in strength training at all throughout the week? You can specify how many times a week you go for strength training and the amount of time you spend.

• Apart from strength training, you should also inform if you do cardio exercise or not. If you do, what is the intensity level? Is it light, moderate, difficult, or intense? You can also combine both strength training and cardio together for more accurate results.

• Depending on your physical activities, how quickly do you want to lose weight? Do you have any existing medical condition, such as celiac, pre-diabetic, or diabetic 1 or 2?

• Also, don’t forget to mention your daily diet routine. This helps to understand the best weight loss method for you.

• Lastly, how would you like to reach your weight loss goal? Is it by meal plans and recipes, face to face consultation, macro coaching, or step by step instruction from a trainer?

how to use our free tdee calculator

Best TDEE weight loss methods

A calorie deficit is the most efficient way to lose weight under the TDEE method. This process involves eating less than the amount that your body needs. You keep practicing this deficit until it becomes a habit. So, a calorie deficit aims to have less energy than your body needs while maintaining the same weight. Stay healthy and calculate your BMI often as well.

For example, if your BMR is 1500 calories and your daily physical activities take your TDEE count to 2000 calories, you need to maintain your weight by eating 2000 calories every day. Now, when it comes to weight loss, there are a few more TDEE methods that you can try. However, they involve physical activities and you should ensure that you fill out the TDEE calculator before starting.

Here are some of the additional methods that can lead to weight loss:

• Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises can boost your BMR to a great extent. Experts believe that aerobics have a positive effect as after-burn and post-exercise oxygen consumption. So, if you are looking to reduce your weight, you need to bring your BMR down. Indulging in aerobic exercises can reduce your BMR significantly after you work out. However, it can grow back within 30 minutes to 48 hours. It depends on your BMR and the level of aerobic exercise you are doing.

Usually, you need to keep practicing these exercises every day. This will help your body get used to the hard work and training. Eventually, the BMR will not grow back within 48 hours. It will tend to stay low even after you exercise. That’s the goal you should meet; that’s the TDEE way of losing weight.

• Strength training

Those who opt for face to face consultation often meet TDEE health trainers who try to understand the reasons why you can’t work out daily. Strength training is another TDEE method that can help you lose weight. So, if you don’t work out at all, your trainer will try to instill this habit slowly. This type of training has a lasting effect on your BMR. Unlike the effects of aerobic exercises that may tend to fade away after some time, strength training is entirely different. They are here to stay.

Even if you work out half an hour daily, your muscles will retain the effects unless you gain the calories back by eating non-healthy food. Strength training aims to keep your muscles at rest so that they burn more calories. This is beneficial because fat at rest is useless if you don’t burn them. They will eventually accumulate more fat in the process. That is why men have a higher BMR because they have more muscle mass than women.

• Combine calorie deficit with regular exercise

TDEE weight loss methods aim to burn down excess calories and not let them grow back again. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is by combining your daily exercise routine with your calorie deficit habit. So, you cut down your calorie intake through the deficit mode; on top of that, you also burn a significant number of calories by exercising daily. But make sure you increase your exercising intensity slowly.

It’s not possible to survive without eating. So, don’t miss out your meals. Instead of having a full plate, eat less than what you usually have. Additionally, increase your workout intensity. This double-action formula will work wonders. In fact, thousands already reported that they lost several pounds ever since they started following the TDEE weight loss regime.

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