Adele’s dramatic weight loss has had the internet completely obsessed. She first debuted a slimmer physique in October last year, but after appearing at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscars after-party having reportedly lost a staggering 99 pounds (45kgs), it’s all anyone can talk about. Everyone is dying to know what her secret is.

The answer? The Sirtfood Diet.

This “miraculous” and “game-changing” diet claims you’ll lose an average of 6.5 pounds (3kgs) in the first week.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Sirtfood Diet and whether it’ll work for you.

What is the Sirtfood Diet?

Based on research on sirtuins (SIRTs), SIRTs are a group of seven proteins found in the body that has shown to regulate a variety of functions. These include metabolism, inflammation, and lifespan. “Sirtfoods” are foods high in sirtuin activators.

The Sirtfood Diet works by combining “sirtfoods” and calorie restriction. Both of which work to trigger the body to produce higher levels of sirtuins.

How does the Sirtfood Diet work?

The Sirtfood Diet has a punishing reputation. It works in two phases. Phase one sees followers limited to a measly 1000 calories a day for the first three days. These calories consist of three green smoothies and one small meal.

Between days four to seven, the calorie intake rises to 1,500, made up of two green smoothies and two small sirtfood-rich meals.

Then, Phase Two, which lasts for two weeks and focuses on maintenance.

There is no specified calorie intake for this period. Although you’re required to eat three meals of sirtfood-rich foods and one green juice per day, you’ll continue to lose weight during this phase.

Is it sustainable?

Founders of the Sirtfood Diet make bold claims. They say that the diet can super-charge weight loss, turn on your “skinny gene” and prevent diseases. They claim you’ll lose an average of 3kg a WEEK.

Yet, there isn’t much proof to back them.

So far, there’s no ACTUAL scientific evidence that the Sirtfood Diet has a more beneficial effect on weight loss than any other calorie-restricted diet.

There’s no question that you’ll lose weight on the Sirtfood Diet. If you restricted your calorie intake to 1000 and ate only chocolate, you’d STILL lose weight.

Dramatically restricting calories and exercising at the same time will almost always result in weight loss.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix weight loss solution that’ll have you dropping the pounds FAST, then sure, give the Sirtfood Diet a go. But at what cost?

After the two phases are complete, what then?

The Sirtfood Diet has severe restrictions. The calorie requirements do not take into account gender, body composition, and physical activity level. This means that some of those who follow it could be under eating. Under eating can cause the drive to over eat the following week, causing you to gain back the weight that was lost in phase one.

If you decide to follow phase two for longer than the recommended time frame and you’re under eating, it can cause “metabolic adaptation”, the slowing of your metabolism, leading to a rebound effect. This can result in the person not only gaining back all the weight that they lost but potentially putting on MORE than they started with.

Is it worth sacrificing some of life’s greatest joys? Pleasures like dining out with a loved one, lunch with friends, or cocktails with the girls. All because it’s impossible to find foods that not only must come from a specified list but also fall within a ridiculously low calorie allowance?

Should you try the Sirtfood Diet?

With all diet fads, they often present an attractive image that seems too good to be true. The thing is, if it SEEMS too good to be true, it probably is.

I can’t help but wonder how Adele will be looking, but more importantly, FEELING, a few years down the track. What are the long-term ramifications of following such a tight, restrictive diet? It’s too soon to know the long-term side effects of depriving your body of much-needed macronutrients for such an extended period.

If you’re looking for long-term, sustainable weight loss, then it’s all about balance.

It’s about finding ways to eat the foods you love and enjoy life’s shared moments without feeling restricted or deprived.

Adding more “sirtfoods” to your diet is not going to harm you, but if you’re looking for a weight-loss plan that will be enjoyable and easy to follow, stay away from this fad-diet.

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Author Jenny Eastwood is a freelance Auckland Copywriter.