It can be frustrating and distressing to feel you’re doing everything right but still not making progress. The weight loss journey is always going to be a challenge, but there are some easy to fix habits that may be affecting your progress more than you think. These bad habits sneak into your routine without you even realizing it!

Let’s take a look at what these habits might be and how to fix them.

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Thirsty not hungry

You might mistake being thirsty for being hungry and end up eating food you didn’t need. Make sure you’ve ticked the thirst box with water before ravenously munching everything in sight.

Including a glass of water before or with each meal will help you feel fuller and also aid digestion. Make sure you drink at least a few liters a day to avoid the thirsty, not hungry feeling.

Sugar intake

Eating too much sugar not only hinders progress but will leave you craving more. Sugar is high in calories and will have your energy levels crashing a few hours after consumption.

Sugar can be hiding in foods you didn’t even realize! Make sure you’re checking the labels on everything to see where any bad sugars could be hiding. Just because a food is labeled “healthy” or you’ve always believed it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it won’t have added sugar.

Fruit juices, granola, and sauces are often the main culprits hiding behind a “healthy” image.

Eating too many calories (including healthy food!)

Getting the right amount of calories can be tricky. It’s a fine line between eating enough that you won’t binge later but not eating too many you’re putting on weight.

You might be under the impression that consuming more ‘good’ calories won’t sabotage weight loss. However, this is where many go wrong. While it’s better than consuming lots of ‘bad’ calories, it can still have you gaining weight.

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Not eating the right macros

Getting too much or too little protein, carbs and fiber can affect your weight loss progress. Too much will have you gaining weight rather than losing it and too little will have you going hungry.

People often make the mistake of dropping carbs completely, this will not leave you feeling satisfied and decrease your metabolism.

If you are working out, not eating enough protein is another common mistake. Protein allows your muscles to recover and also increases your metabolism when eaten in the correct amount.

Work out your unique macro requirements with our world-class macro calculator.

Skipping meals

A big no, in the dieting world! Purposefully skipping a meal that you would usually eat will leave you feeling the need to eat more later.

It doesn’t matter how many meals you eat each day as long as they fit your macros and leave you feeling energized. Make sure your meals are consistent each day, this will help you feel balanced and full for longer.

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Restricting can seem like the best method to get results fast, but it usually leaves you adding all the weight back on. That’s the whole point of IIFYM!

When you stick to your macros but still allow yourself to eat a range of foods you won’t find the need to binge or have cheat days later down the track. This is a key point in the IIFYM Meal Plan which will have you on track in no time.


If you stick to the plan and keep it consistent you won’t have any trouble losing weight. Only sticking to the plan a few days a week won’t have you achieving the results you’re after.

You have to commit in order to see results! Also, make sure you aren’t hoping for results too soon. If it’s only been a few days since you started you likely won’t be able to see change, give it a few weeks

Alcohol intake

Generally speaking, alcohol has a high-calorie count. Those who include a glass of wine daily or drink a lot on the weekend may not realize how much it’s affecting your diet.

There’s no problem drinking alcohol if you drop the calories from elsewhere, you just have to make sure you’re counting.

Check out our guide on how to drink alcohol without sabotaging your progress.

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How to combat these habits

Once you’re aware of the mistakes you’re making they become easier to fix. An IIFYM Meal Plan will help to keep you on track and hold you accountable. It will provide you with the correct macros and support so you can hit your weight loss goals.