We’ve encountered a lot of clients want to know how to transition goals. Going from fat loss centric to muscle growth focused. We had an article created on this exact topic.

Especially since there’s a lot to consider when it comes to transitioning diet plan goals: Are you ready to transition physique goals?


The simplistic answer is based on where you stand, here are some figures from the article:


  • Males – 10-15lbs above previous ideal body weight
  • Females – 8-12 lbs above previous ideal body weight”

If you’re within these ranges then you don’t need to start counting macros for a cutting program. You can continue striving for muscle growth and strength in the gym.

In the event you’re outside of these ranges then you may be ready to start a fat loss plan such as a Macro Blueprint. We are also more than capable of creating a bulking diet plan for muscle growth.