We get pigeon-holed as carb-zealots that denote other ways of eating. When it’s the correct scenario we prefer to provide our clients and readers with moderate carbs in their diet plan.

This doesn’t mean that we are averse to eating a little more fat or protein in lieu of carbs. We understand that preference and needs are a factor in creating a diet plan. This is why we truly support a multitude of macro splits for our clients and followers.


The Reality of the IIFYM Diet Plan

Following IIFYM is meant to be flexible, sustainable and a long-term solution for altering one’s physique while creating a healthy existence (both physically and mentally).

When we provide a program such as our Macro Blueprint or numbers from the macro calculator, the macro split can be altered rather easily!

The end goal is for you to see success with as much ease as possible if that means consuming more fat than provided, that’s okay. The most vital aspect is that you have a sustainable calorie deficit.