I founded IIFYM.com in 2011 specifically to show people a new way of weight loss. Not just a weight loss diet but a fat burning program that is centered around rapid fat loss while eating the foods you love. First with the introduction of our macronutrient calculator and then a few years later when we introduced our game-changing Macro Blueprint, I can confidently say, Mission accomplished!!

What do I do if I hit my macros but have left over calories?

To date we have helped over 15k clients with their weight loss goals simply by tracking macros.

Out of the 14k people we have helped reach their weight loss goals, I would say that nearly 1000 have asked this question time and time again:

What do I do if I hit my macros but go over on calories?

First, you have to understand that it is impossible to hit your macros and not hit your calories. Not in the real world at least.

Carbs = 4 calories per gram
Protein = 4 calories per gram
Fat = 9 calories per gram

As you can see, it is mathematically impossible to hit your macros and not hit your calories. The math is the 100% accurate every single time.
Confused? Don’t be. It is not your fault that you don’t quite get it yet, and it is also not your fault that your macros don’t add up to the that were calculated for you when you used the IIFYM Macro Calculator to get your macros in the first place.

The problem is in your food tracking log.

See, apps like MyFitnesspal.com rely on food that were entered by users just like you and me. Some of the foods in your macro tracking app are verified but many are not. This means that when Johnny Quarterback decided to add his own lasagna to the app, he filled out the macros wrong and nobody every caught it. Now every time someone plugs in his lasagna, the macros are all screwey. It is not uncommon to see some foods listed as having 100 calories with zero carbs, protein or fat. It is also pretty common to come across foods that have zero calories, but endless macros. The person that entered the food was simply careless.

What do I do now?

The best thing for you to do is to go through the foods that you entered and figure out which ones were put in the wrong.

(This is very common with MyFitnesspal.com since people can enter anything they like and it screws things up for everyone else).
Do your best to make sure that the food you enter matches up with the food labels you get from the grocery store. In cases of restaurants, you can often go to their website and get the nutritional fact that way. Compare them to the numbers on your logging site and select the one that is closest to what you find online.
This is kind of a pain, but it is possible.

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