Are you trying to lose weight but feel confused about what foods fit your macros?

It can seem very overwhelming at first, when you’re on your own trying to figure out exactly what to eat, how often, how much, and how to even cook such meals – especially with all the conflicting information available in books and on the internet.

Why use a meal plan?

Our personalized IIFYM Macro Meal Plan is a great option for burning fat that takes all the hassle and stress out of planning your meals, while allowing you to eat whatever you want. That’s right – If It Fits Your Macros, it can be eaten free of guilt.

A detailed laid out meal plan will save you time trying to fit your macros, helping you keep your eyes on the prize and striding towards achieving your weight loss goals. In the process you will learn a ton about nutrition and what foods fit not only your macros but your lifestyle.

What if you suffer from pesky allergies, or have strict dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerance, diabetes or celiac disease?

No problem at all. We cater our meal plans to suit every possible dietary need – from vegans and vegetarians to pescatarian and pollotarian – or dietary restriction without sacrificing a single crumb of quality.

Enjoying your meals is a surefire way to ensure you stick to your plan, keep an eye on your macros, and thus fast track your weight loss process. You’ll be happy to know your Meal Plan is yours to customize however you please. This flexibility allows you to enjoy plenty of variety and tasty options, while ensuring your diet’s calorie intake is where it needs to be to get massive results.

french toast with bananas and blueberries

Size matters

The key to a successful diet plan is controlling the size of your portions; you won’t make any substantial progress otherwise. We know that this is no easy task when you’re hungry and left to your own warped hunger-driven instincts. But our Meal Plans will help you stay disciplined and learn to recognize what balanced nutritious meals look like on your plate – which also contain all your required macros.

Save time

We know planning meals in advance can be a stressful, tedious and time-consuming activity, especially when you’re busy or have had a long day at work or looking after children – only made harder when you’re trying to make foods fit your macros.

Thankfully, our Meal Plan reduces all this and takes the guesswork out of the dreaded question, “What am I going to eat?” This in turn helps you stick to your plan and reach your goals sooner rather than later.

Shopping made easy

Another benefit of using a meal plan is that you will have a simple shopping list to follow, so you won’t have to wander around the supermarket waiting for inspiration to strike – you will only need to pick up the ingredients needed to cook the meals on your plan. This will also reduce the amount of wasted food ending up in the trash can – or the dog’s bowl (sorry, buddy) – keeping food costs down and saving you money.

Simple and tasty dishes

Our recipes are simple, easy to follow, and customizable to keep everyone happy at the dining table, so you don’t have to be a master chef to cook these delicious, nutritious meals. But you will certainly learn more than a thing or two in the kitchen, which will no doubt impress your friends and family, or that special someone.

meat with potatoes and vegetables

Increase micronutrient intake

Another benefit is your overall health will improve through the increase of your micronutrient intake, such as fruits, vegetables and fiber, which we generally do not eat enough of in modern society – where convenient ultra-processed foods, which lack nutritional value, unfortunately dominate many people’s diets.

In fact, over 2 billion people, around 30% of the world’s population, are anemic, according to the World Health Organization, generally due to iron deficiency – which, left untreated, can lead to serious health complications.

A meal plan consisting of micronutrients not only reduces your chances of you developing micronutrient deficiency but also offers a significant range of health benefits. Vitamins and minerals are one of the major groups of nutrients your body needs and are essential to maintain your brain, muscle, bone, nerves, skin, blood, circulation, and immune system.

Sufficient micronutrient intake and good overall nutrition are also linked with benefitting your mental health as stress depletes us of nutrients, due the body prioritizing making adrenaline in fight-flight mode. This is of course at the expense of your physical health.

Sign up to our IIFYM Meal Plan today

With our IIFYM Meal Plan you will witness fat melting away and feel the life changing benefits of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. But if you want to speed the weight loss process up and become fitter and stronger in the process, we have special bundles on offer that include full fitness training programs and other bonus benefits.