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Interviews Brandan Fokken -IIFYM.com

  IIFYM: Thanks for taking the time out to speak with IIFYM.com Brandan.I know you are extremely popular in the bodybuilding and fitness world, but for those IIFYM.com readers that don’t recognize your name, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your position in the health...

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Do You Have to “Suffer” While Dieting?

  Why is it that when it comes to dieting, everybody automatically thinks they have to suffer and deprive themselves of everything in life? Why is it that people think they can’t have the foods they love and crave in moderation? Why does the word “dieting” have to be portrayed...

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Do I Add Back Calories I Burn During Exercise?

This is one of those questions we get every day. "Should I add calories that I burn during exercise back to my total". While I can see why this is tempting, the answer is a firm, absolutely not! Here's Why: If you used the IIFYM calculator to get your macros,...

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How Do I Exchange My Macros?

  For those who want to eat more of a certain macronutrient in lieu of another. For instance, a person with diabetes who prefers to eat fewer carbs than allotted and wants to increase their protein and/or fat intake. This is how you exchange your macronutrients. Protein and carbs are...

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Meal Prep: The ‘Why’ And ‘How To’

  Counting macros. It’s saved your diet, your body composition goals, and your sanity. Yet, sometimes, it can get time-consuming. There’s a reason we have so many fast food options. It’s easy, cheap, and convenient; not to mention easy to throw you off your diet plan. With that said, the...

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