90 Day Double Money Back Guarantee

My promise to you:

It took me years to develop the strategy that you are about to undertake, and I am very proud of my work.
This is the exact reason I advertise that my Blueprint works 100% of the time for 100% of the people that follow it.
It is set up that way by design, and if you truly follow it exactly as I laid out, it will work for you just as well as it has worked for thousands of other people before you.

As promised, it does come with a 90-day DOUBLE your money back guarantee.
If you wish to request a refund you must show that you followed my program as written and did not make progress towards your goals.

The information required to determine your progress is as follows:

  • Access to your online food logs showing that you hit your macros within 5 grams every day during your 90 days of following your Blueprint.
  • Show on your food log that you adjusted your macros, based on my instructions in your Blueprint
  • Provide your weekly measurements as suggested in your personalized Blueprint
  • Provide your weekly progress pictures as suggested in your personalized Blueprint. (You have my word that these pictures will not be shared)

That is what following the Blueprint means.
Remember, you are trying to change your body. In order to do that, you must change your behavior.
It will not always be easy, but it will be very rewarding.
If you follow the Blueprint as written, you are guaranteed to lose weight while eating the foods you love.