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How to Start IIFYM Today

HOW DO I START TRACKING MACROS TO LOSE WEIGHT WITH IIFYM? The official flexible dieting guide on how to start tracking macros and burn fat with IIFYM The most common question we get from our readers that want to burn fat: In this article I will take all of the...

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Dispelling the Myth That IIFYM is Poor for Your Overall Health

  Clean Eater: “IIFYM is all about eating junk food.” Strict Meal Plan Dieter: “IIFYM diet isn’t as good as a meal plan.” Let us ask you a question… Are you tired of hearing the above statements? Are you sick and tired of hearing that an IIFYM diet is poor...

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You Can Eat It… If It Fits Your Macros

  First, a quick history of If It Fits Your Macros. For those of you who don't know already (which is more people than you may think, so you're not alone if you don't!) IIFYM is an acronym for "If It Fits Your Macros". Back in the day, bodybuilders used...

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IIFYM Interviews Flexible Dieting Coach; Tyler Mayer

  1. IIFYM.com interviews Flexible Dieting Contest Prep Coach and Diet Doc Clinician; Tyler Mayer. IIFYM: For our readers that might not be familiar with you, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?TNT: I’m Tyler, and I’m a nutrition consultant and strength coach for my company.Team TNT. I’m also an...

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Macros Matter But Calories Are King

  If you’re reading this (no it’s not too late as Drake may suggest), then you likely also read my recent article outlining the importance of tracking macros for long-term physique development. (Something the IIFYM Macro Calculator can help you out with). In that article, I alluded to the fact...

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