IIFYM Explained - How To Track Macros for Fast Weight Loss

Our average client drops 23 lbs in 12 weeks while eating the foods they love.

if your diet is too complicated, you won’t start,
if your diet is too restrictive, you won’t finish.

Stick with me for 3 minutes & you
will discover the following:

  • Why macros DESTROY calories
  • The best way to calculate your personal fat loss macros
  • Why "clean eating" is bullshit, and can actually keep you from reaching your weight loss goals
  • How to turbocharge your fat loss without giving up the foods you love
  • How eating more carbs can jumpstart your metabolism and speed up weight loss
  • How to stay lean once you've reached your goal weight, without dieting or cardio

First, a picture of me in a Speedo...

Before we get started, you probably want to know who I am.


My name is Anthony Collova and I am the founder of IIFYM.com


This is my before & after picture > >


On the left is the leanest I could get while following a “clean” meal plan from a personal trainer.


This so-called Guru had me eating 6 meals per day, but only 1600 calories.

Mostly egg whites, canned tuna, rice cakes, dry chicken breast, and asparagus.


I was absolutely miserable.

The pic on the right was taken 16 weeks after I gave up clean eating & started tracking macros with IIFYM

If you are tired of suffering through boring and restrictive diets, I urge you keep reading

Since you clicked on the START HERE button, I am going to make 2 assumptions about you:


#1 – You are new to IIFYM and looking for some answers about this amazing fat loss program that allows you to burn fat at an alarming rate while stuffing your face with food you love


#2 – You found my site because you want to lose weight but you are tired of traditional diets that are super restrictive and hard to follow. Diets that keep you from being social and end up being too difficult to maintain.


If I am wrong, and you don’t want to lose weight without suffering, you can stop reading and click off of this page and save yourself the time. No hard feelings.
If however, you want to burn the most amount of fat in the least amount of time while eating the food you love, then you are in the right place.
See, there are two things I am very good at:
 #1 – Explaining complicated things in easy to understand terms

 #2 – Helping people lose weight while eating the food they love

My goal is to lay out IIFYM for you so that you fully understand how you can force your body to trigger immediate fat loss while eating the foods you love.

When I say IMMEDIATE, I mean it. This is one of the tricks that my clients learn early on.

This is the basic foundation of IIFYM and is why so many people are getting such amazing results by simply tracking macros with feeling like they are dieting:


If you are ready, I am going to show you exactly how simple burning fat with IIFYM actually is and how you can trigger immediate weight loss starting right now.

While some of this stuff you are about to discover might seem pretty basic, that is the point.
IIFYM is simple by design.

The problem with fat loss is that people always make things more complicated than they need to be.
I know I am guilty of it.


Moving forward I have one request from you:


Forget what you know about dieting


– All the crap you’ve heard in the media, google and instagram
– Everything your friends and family, and co-workers have told you

– All the bogus info the media reports about sugar, and gluten, fat, and GMOs
– Just put all that stuff aside and try not to complicate things

what is IIFYM?

The short answer: IIFYM is the fastest and most sustainable weight loss program there is.

Technical answer: IIFYM is an acronym that is short for: If It Fits Your Macros

Macros are the four macronutrients that we get from food which include fat, protein, carbohydrates, and alcohol.

What are Macros?

When it comes to food, these macros are the only place calories come from:

Carbs – 4 calories per gram
Protein – 4 calories per gram
Fat – 9 calories per gram
Alcohol – 7 calories per gram

This is where things start to get fun.


IIFYM works by examining several key factors that have been identified as the most crucial for any fat loss program. There are 18 different variables that determine what YOUR fat loss macros should be (don’t worry, we are pros at this and make it super easy).


Once you have your fat loss macros, your job is to simply track the food you eat and hit those macros using one of the simple to use apps or websites and POOF!!!

Your weight loss is guaranteed, regardless of what foods you use to fill your macros.


See, when you hit your macros, you automatically hit your calories and your body has no choice but to burn fat as fuel. Even if you hit your macros eating pizza.

Where most diets go wrong

Traditional diet plans restrict our food choices to a handful of items we don’t like and keep us from enjoying the foods we love.


On top of that, most diets require that you reduce carbs to insane levels or stop eating carbs at night.


And cardio!!


Don’t even get me started on the hours of cardio I used to do while trying to get in shape. Ugh…


How on earth is anyone supposed to adhere to a diet that requires us to be miserable?


And then you tell me that it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle?


Really? You want me to do this crap for the rest of my life? Are you kidding me?


I don’t know about you but coming home to a meal of 4 oz dry chicken breast and 8 almonds is not how I enjoy spending my days.

I want real food damn it!

Can you see yourself eating nothing but canned tuna and rice cakes for 10, 15, or 20 weeks? I know I can’t…


Poor food choice selection is the #1 REASON people quit their diet or give up on their weight loss goals entirely.


The #2 REASON why people never lose weight is due to all the rules that traditional diets force you to follow.


Sure, it can work if you stick to it… but it also makes you want to toss in the towel and order a large deep dish pizza on the spot.


Thank God for IIFYM!


No longer are we forced to eat crap foods that only a rabbit or a bird would enjoy. Now we get to eat the stuff that we always eat normally but in different amounts.


You know the stuff.


The so-called “dirty foods” we love to eat and are told to avoid:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • BBQ
  • Pizza
  • Wings
  • French Fries
  • Fruit Juice
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Pastries
  • Tacos
  • Burgers
  • Donuts
  • Soda
  • Pie
  • Sugar (YES!)


“Not so,” says science!!


Regardless if you like to eat pizza or chicken breasts, IIFYM is based on science.


– Not hype
– Not gimmicks
– Not voodoo



Science dictates that if you eat less calories than your body requires while getting adequate protein, carbs, fat and fiber based on your goals and the energy needs of your body, you will lose weight at a steady and predictable rate. (More details on this to come – Keep reading.)

IIFYM makes fat loss that easy. 


All you have to do is stay within your daily macros and the fat will start melting off!


It began with the idea that science, math and proven results should be the driving factor in developing a fat loss diet.


It seems kinda obvious, but this concept actually only started almost a decade ago when I created the first-ever Macro Calculator and started working with clients to overcome their emotional and mental blocks around eating food to lose weight.


When I built this website, I set out to show people that they could burn fat, lose weight and build a healthier relationship without giving up the food they love.


What happened next was something I could have never predicted!


Within a year of launching, I was getting over 20k visitors per day. People just like you that wanted to learn more about my revolutionary fat loss system.


As I type this out, my little blog has helped over 800k people lose weight and change their relationship with food.  I am simply amazed.

They all did this without giving up the food they love, or forcing themselves to eat food they hate.


Let me be very clear about something!


I am not against eating healthy. Nor am I trying to promote the idea that we should only eat junk food.


This is NOT the premise of IIFYM and not what I want your “take home” message to be today. Rather, I just want you to understand how dieting and fat loss really work.


Everything that the world has taught us about fat loss, is utterly, and unequivocally WRONG

See, eating “clean” or healthy food can certainly help you lose weight and burn fat, but there is no magical connection between ‘health food’ and weight loss.


The connection comes from the reduction in calories and nothing else.


Yup, calories.


Something we all know about, but avoid like the plague.


What I am about to say is bound to upset a lot of people. Most of the so-called nutritionist out there are more misguided than the clients they lead into ignorant metabolism suppression.


Not my clients though… Look at all these awesome success stories:

Carrie H., 27, Lost 30 lbs in 9 Months with IIFYM

Carrie felt like she had plateaued… and she wasn’t happy with her previous diet. With the help of the IIFYM Facebook Group and an IIFYM Coach, Carrie is looking amazing! Keep that wonderful smile, Carrie!


What would Carrie tell you if you’re thinking about joining IIFYM?


“Just do it!”

Tyler Bates Went from a 36″ to a 32″ Waist With IIFYM

Before IIFYM, Tyler confesses he was “in a rut, feeling like he was never going to get where he wanted to go.” Then all that frustration and agony melted away, when Tyler got started with IIFYM.


“I just used the plan I bought from your IIFYM website (the Blueprint) and some help from a few friends. I went from a 36 waist to a 32 … my waist has never been that small!”

Alexa S. Lost 52 lbs and Counting With IIFYM

Alexa was eating 1200 calories and exercising 5 days per week but not losing any weight.


We set her macros to 140 protein, 320 carbs, 65 fats and she lost 52 lbs!


All while eating the food she loves!

Carie Daniels Can Eat Lots of Yummy Food With IIFYM

Carie Daniels had hit a plateau. She was stuck and needed a fix. Enter IIFYM. When she found IIFYM’s Facebook group, Carrie had this to say: “Love your fb group!! Love everyone’s stories it’s really an inspiration on any given day…..”

With the help of a trainer, Carie got started. Right away she reports being blown away by two things:


1. The amount of food she can eat

2. That the foods she’s eating now are so yummy!

The foods you choose to eat do not make you fat

Yup, fat loss is 100% NOT about the foods you eat!


Remember when I said that when it comes to food, the only place calories come from are the macros? I wasn’t lying. Fat always has 9 calories per gram while carbs and protein always have 4. The math works out the same way whether your fat is from avocados, steak, canola oil or peanut butter.


How does it work then?

The key is knowing how many calories your body needs, based on your individual body, energy level, and goals. This number is called your TDEE and is the foundation of any solid fat loss program.


Once we know your TDEE, we reduce it by about 15-20% to force your body to use your fat as fuel. We then split the remaining calories up into macronutrients that help preserve muscle while balancing your hormones and destroy hunger while increasing mood, libido and energy levels. What’s not to love?


In most cases, our clients actually eat a lot more food than they think possible while losing weight, yet time and time again, we get “thank you” emails from people telling us that they are consistently burning upwards of 2 lbs of fat per week while eating MORE FOOD than they ever imagined!


And not just any food, but the food they actually enjoy eating.


Remember, you can eat whatever you want… as long as It Fits Your Macros.


This is where we take a page out of the bodybuilding community.


Not everyone wants to have huge muscles or 6 pack abs, but the idea is the same whether you exercise or not.


Fill your macros with the food you love and burn fat!


See, what bodybuilders have known for years is that everyone is different. We all have different bodies, different metabolisms, different muscle mass and a hundred other things that set us apart from everyone else on this planet.


This is where IIFYM shines


Rather than starving you, or limiting your food choices, we examine every person individually to create a personalized program that best meets your needs based on your goals.


  • IIFYM doesn’t care if you eat pizza or chicken breast.
  • IIFYM doesn’t shame you if you chose ice cream instead of oatmeal.
  • Nor does IIFYM care how often you eat, or how many meals you eat in a day

IIFYM Works 100% of the Time For
100% of the People That Follow It


IIFYM has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose their stubborn body fat,
all without limiting them to the same boring diet foods that we all hate!

Though it was originally followed by bodybuilders in the fitness community, 80% of our clients are actually regular people that don’t even go to the gym.


When I first launched IIFYM.com I set out to bring a new concept to the people that were always dieting and suffering while preparing for bodybuilding shows.


As the website grew in popularity I started seeing a shift.

My average clients are actually regular people, just like you; people that are tired of diets that are too restrictive and not sustainable.


In fact, most people that practice IIFYM don’t have any ambition of being half naked on a stage or achieving ridiculously low body fat levels like bodybuilders do.


No Matter What Your Starting Point Is,
IIFYM Is Guaranteed To Work For You!


IIFYM works for men, women, teens, and seniors. It works for people wanting to shed weight in specific areas of their body and for those that want to build muscle. It helps anyone and everyone because it’s based on science.


There are only 2 things you really need to do for IIFYM to work for you:


1. Know what your accurate macros are
2. Hit those macros every day eating the foods you love.


Once these two things are in place, you cannot fail!

After helping thousands of people lose weight,
I created a personalize program at a great price: The IIFYM Macro Blueprint

Look, I love helping people get in shape. It is my job and I am damned good at it, but I recognize that not everyone can afford a $3000 nutrition coach.


Most coaches that do what I do charge between $500 to $1000 per month. Worth it, but expensive.


This is why I created the most affordable program I could devise.


A science-based approach that is built around the needs of the individual.


Not a cookie cutter program that restricts your food choices and makes dieting difficult, but rather a personal macro strategy created just for you that encourages you eat whatever you want and helps improve your relationship with food.

Interested? Keep Reading...

I give you all of my best stuff and hold nothing back!

  •     Personal Macros for your body and goals
  •     Refeed macros with specific instructions
  •     What to do if fat loss stalls (and what not to do)
  •     Carb cycling instructions
  •     An example meal plan
  •     Exercise and cardio adjustments if needed
  •     Plus so much more…

Just $97!

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Here is what you are going to get



Our coaches create your personal macro strategy and provide you with super simple, yet ridiculously comprehensive program to follow based on your fat loss or muscle building goals.



Our personal strategy gives you clear instruction on how to change your macros based on your progress or lack of progress... and gives you the answer to every question that has ever been asked of us.



Not sure what foods to eat? We put an example meal plan in every IIFYM Macro Blueprint to get you started by showing you what other clients are eating on an average IIFYM day.



While some coaches give you a cheat meal every week, we lay out a precise refeed strategy with your own specific refeed macros to help turbo-charge fat loss and ramp up your metabolism.



Not everyone needs workout or cardio advice, but if we see room for improvement, we offer suggestions and insights... especially on cardio. Everyone requires their own unique approach.



If you are the kind of person that likes to tinker with stuff, you will love our carb cycling approach. We give you complete instructions on how to adjust your carbs so they add up perfectly.


What makes IIFYM different is that we don’t force you to eat foods you hate in order to lose weight. Quite the opposite in fact. We actually prefer if you continue to eat the foods you love but just in the right amounts.

Don’t be nervous, our IIFYM Macro Blueprint shows you EXACTLY how to do it from A to Z.


If you don’t lose weight after 30 days of following your
IIFYM Macro Blueprint, I will refund 100% of your money. 

Basically, if this does not work, I pay you!

Just $97!

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