Eat junk food to lose weight effectively – Know @ IIFYM

Do I have to eat junk food with IIFYM?


You can eat any kind of food you like while doing IIFYM. Clean, dirty, paleo, low carb, high carb. Anything you want. Yet, to start you should already have calculated macros. If you don’t, here’s the macro calculator.

The key is tracking your macro, and stay within 5 grams of your daily allotment. Go over on any single macronutrient and you are no longer hitting your macros. Remember that it is not the type of food you eat which leads to fat storage, but rather it is the total energy in the food. The calories.

If you overshoot your macros, you automatically go over on your calories, which tells the body to store fat. Regardless if you exceed your macros with pizza or egg whites and rice cakes, going over, is going over.

To Junk Food or Not to Junk Food

When it comes to fat loss and IIFYM, your body does not care that you are eating healthy, or eating clean. All it cares about is the total amount of energy in the food you eat, which is why IIFYM and flexible dieting allows us to eat junk food, fast food, clean food, dirty food, or anything in between. As long as we hit our macros, we will lose weight.

With that said, we encourage consuming a proper amount of micronutrients and leaning towards having a more balanced approach.

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