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Lose weight and optimize your weight loss macros while eating the food you love by using best macro calculator ever created.
If you are ready to burn fat, gain muscle and start tracking macros, follow these simple steps:

1. Take 30 seconds to complete the IIFYM macro calculator below,
2. Follow the weight loss program on the last page,
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No more restrictions means no more urge to binge.​

I work what I'm craving into my macros!

Jennifer Freeborn

Why use the IIFYM Macro Calculator?

You may have noticed that most of the macro calculators you see out there look the same... and that's because when we developed the very first macro calculator for IIFYM, somebody copied it (typos and all!) and made it easy to access for fitness sites everywhere.

Fortunately for you, we continually update our Macro Calculator based on up-to-date science and math to keep it the most accurate calculator available anywhere.

It uses your TDEE, your activity level and your goals to set your macros based on the number of calories you will be consuming while following on the IIFYM diet for fat loss.

In order to burn fat, you need to consume less calories than your body needs without burning up lean muscle mass (usually at about a 15-20% caloric deficit). To build muscle, you need to consume slightly more than your TDEE - usually about 5-10% - to encourage muscle growth without packing on unwanted fat.

But the best macro split takes into account so much more than just TDEE and calorie deficits/surplus... it's based on your gender, age, current weight and so much more so we can keep your hormones in balance and your metabolism moving so you burn fat fast.

All of this goes into the macro split you will get from this calculator today... which is so many steps beyond that first calculator we created (which was the best of its kind at the time).

We've used over ten years of experience helping hundreds of thousands of clients to develop this calculator so that it takes 100% of the guesswork out of calculating your macros for immediate fat loss. All you have to do is track macros