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Macro Diet and Exercise: What You Need to Know

Macro Diet and Exercise: What You Need to Know If you are reading this, chances are that you are either about to start the macro diet to lose weight and get healthy, or already began and have some questions how it plays out when it comes to exercising and other...

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Cardio Exercise: What’s the Best Way to Lose Fat?

  The new year is among us and with it many individuals are about to embark on a fat loss journey. However, many may be confused as to how to reach their fitness goals. They may be following an IIFYM approach to nutrition (if not, find out your macros here...

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How to Track Alcohol Macros – Can I drink with IIFYM?

  Tracking Macros & Drinking Alcohol with IIFYM Being in recovery for 19+ years I never really have to worry about the answer to this question, but of the 200+ emails, I get every day, 2 of them are about drinking.It is for this reason that IIFYM.com has teamed up with...

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The PCOS Playbook: How to Make Progress with IIFYM

  If you are one of the millions of women living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, there's a good chance that you struggle to lose weight and keep it off. There are several PCOS related hormonal imbalances and symptoms that can make shedding fat a serious challenge. In spite of the...

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Why Does IIFYM Give So Many Calories?

  At the time this article was published, the our macro coaches have helped over 15k clients burn fat and lose weight while eating foods they love. Most of our clients come to us by way of our weight loss Macro Calculator, which is used over 8k times per day...

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The Perfect Macro Ratio: Is There A Superior Macro Split?

If you are on a mission to shed the excess body fat you’ve gained over the last few years, one question you might be asking yourself is what macro split you should be using. You already may know quite well that you plan to use the IIFYM approach (if not,...

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