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Orthorexia Nervosa : The Dark Side of Dieting

The first documented dieting book for weight loss was published over 150 years ago, called "The Banting Diet: Letter of Corpulence" (1). It starts out by referring to obesity as the most parasitic phenomenon of humanity (1). This was at a time when obesity wasn't understood or even thought of...

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Reality vs. Perception of Body Image: The Falsehood of the Ideal Physique

  Nowadays, appearances are being brought to our attention constantly. Through billboards, TV commercials, magazine ads, and social media to name a few. It’s enough to make you stop and check yourself in every reflection you pass by, or to sneak in an ‘ab check’ every now and again. Because...

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5 Real World Truths About Weight Loss

Let’s face it, there are so many reasons for cutting weight, such as: Aiming to improve your health Improve your appearance Making a lower weight-class or getting on a bodybuilding stage Getting to a healthy weight Maybe even a vacation or photo shoot to look your best Losing body fat...

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