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New Lifters: Embrace The Muscle, Forget The Scale

  You recently incorporated weight lifting into your exercise routine. During the short time you have been lifting weights you notice that your clothes are fitting differently and visually you can see some muscular development. However, the scale isn’t moving. At this point it is common to question:“What is happening?”“Am...

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How do I Know When to Transition From Cutting to Muscle Growth?

  We've encountered a lot of clients want to know how to transition goals. Going from fat loss centric to muscle growth focused. We had an article created on this exact topic. Especially since there's a lot to consider when it comes to transitioning diet plan goals: Are you ready to transition...

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What Stimulates Muscle Growth More…Whole Eggs or Egg Whites?

  You are woken up by an early text message from your friend. They say “Remember we had that discussion about egg nutrition? I told you whole eggs are better than egg whites.” With one eye open, you message back and say, “What the heck are you talking about?” Your...

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The Transition: To Start Cutting Fat or Bulking?

  Low reps or high reps? Free weights or machine? IIFYM or Clean Eating? All of these questions pale in comparison to how often I’m asked whether it’s time to start cutting fat or bulking by athletes I consult. It’s time such a common question is answered once and for...

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