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“Everyone is different”: The Lazy Person’s Excuse for Dieting and Exercising but Not Losing Weight

  How many of you at one time or another gave an excuse as to why you weren’t making progress with your fat loss diet? I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard people say “everyone is different, Matt.” While I agree, that excuse doesn’t hold up when it...

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Do You Have to “Suffer” While Dieting?

  Why is it that when it comes to dieting, everybody automatically thinks they have to suffer and deprive themselves of everything in life? Why is it that people think they can’t have the foods they love and crave in moderation? Why does the word “dieting” have to be portrayed...

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50 Macro-Friendly Snacks

  (All macro breakdowns are for one serving of the recipe or product mentioned. Which may be the entire container.) 1. Cliff’s Builder Protein Bars Macros: F: 10g C: 28 P: 20 Just hit the iron hard and need a macro-friendly snack? These are the PERFECT chocolatey snack packed with...

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Family Nutritionist – Isn’t a Great Choice for Your Nutrition Advice

  I am (happily) married to a family physician. There is a reason I do all the cooking. If you’re remotely skeptical, you know Dr. Oz is not a reasonable source of nutrition advice. But what about your family doctor? Are they well-informed about healthy clean eating and how it...

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Meal Timing for Macros: Does It help with weight loss?

  It doesn’t seem like too long ago, people (including myself) were so focused on meal timing as well as frequency, that it consumed our lives. We were so worried about ensuring we were taking in the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats at a certain time that it...

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