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How to Start IIFYM Today

The official flexible dieting guide on how to start tracking macros and burn fat with IIFYM
The most common question we get from our readers that want to burn fat:


Tracking Macros With IIFYM

In this article I will take all of the guess work out of IIFYM and flexible dieting, and give you a specific path to follow to start your weight loss journey today:

1. Buy a digital food scale (weigh your food in grams, uncooked)

2. Sign up to MacroTracker.com (log all of your food in grams, uncooked).

3. Use the IIFYM Calculator to get your exact fat loss macros based on your your specific body and energy levels.

4. Weigh everything you eat for the first 3 months. (Eventually you can eyeball it but we suggest staying consistent with the scale for best results)

5. Log every single thing you eat at Macrotracker.com, not matter how small, or how “healthy” you think it is. If you eat it, track it!

6.  If dieting to burn fat and lose weight, eat between 15% – 20% calories less than your body needs. This is your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), every day (the IIFYM Macro Calculator is the most accurate diet calculator there is. If you are trying to put on muscle mass and gain weight, eat between 5% and 10% more calories than your TDEE, every day (preferably from carbs)

IIFYM Coach Do It For You

7. To dial in IIFYM with more accuracy, follow these steps:
-Eat at least .8 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight (total body weight, less total fat weight)
-Eat between .3 – .4 grams of fat per pound of lean body weight.
-Any remaining calories you have left in your daily total will come from carbs
-Take in 20-25% of your lean body weight (in grams) in fiber every day (this should be included in your carbohydrate total)
-Drink 3-4 liters of water per day in addition to any other liquid you consume.
-The more consistent your sodium and water are, the more stable your weight will be. Please while important to many functions in the human body, sodium and water have very little relation to fat loss but does have a large effect on water retention and body weight fluctuations. We mostly encourage sodium tracking so that it is easier to track your body weight, and thus make your adjustments based on more accurate information.

8. Once your fat loss stalls, reduce your daily intake of carbs by 10-15 grams (people with more weight to lose can go higher than those with less to lose.) Adjust your macros ONLY when your fat loss stalls for 10 days or more. Never reduce calories, carbs or fat if you are still making fat loss progress. Any changes you make should be few, infrequent and necessary.

9. Things to remember:
-Select foods that are rich in micro nutrients (vitamins and mineral) first. Once your micro nutrients are met, go for food that you enjoy eating, while staying within your personal range of macros. (Once micro nutrients are met, worry less about the foods you eat, and more about the macros you meet).
-Take a gender specific multi vitamin to insure your micro nutrients are being met.

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  • Coleton Bunyan-Naulty


  • Reece

    my calorie intake is higher for fat than from protein is that correct?

    • Claude

      Mine is too

      • Meg

        That’s because fat has more calories per gram than does protein (9 cals per gram of fat vs 4 calories per gram of protein) 🙂

  • Andrei

    “-Take in 20% – 25% of your body weight in fiber every day ”

    I wonder what that would equate to in cabbage, for example, my weight is 80kilos, 20kg is 25% of that.

    Cabbage fiber content is about 25gr. per kilo, so to get just one kilo of fiber I would need to eat 40kg of cabbage, multiply that by 20 – 400 kilos of cabbage is my daily intake. Right?

    • Jason Sanders

      I think it is grams… if you are 80 kilo then you would want abut 20g of fiber! which is 25%

      • Fabian

        Jason its right

    • Anaii


  • Jon G

    Andrei, quite obviously, when they say ‘Take in 20% – 25% of your body weight in fiber every day’ they mean you’re body weight in lbs. So for example, a 200lb man would take in between 40-50g of fiber a day. I hope this helps clear up this already blatant concept for people.

    • kmyc

      20% of body weigh for a 200lb man is 40lb or 18160 g of fiber!
      And a gallon of water per day plus other liquid is very close to LD50 (median lethal dose) for water!!!!

      • Bob

        DO you not have any common sense?
        it would be 40 GRAMS not pounds.

        and i drink 2.5 gallons of water very day and have for the past 2 years. its fine stop worrying about dumb things.

        • Thomas

          9 liters per day? That’s impossible

          • James

            Not at all impossible. Come down to Florida. I usually drink close to a gallon before lunch.

      • katie

        that much water would only kill you if you literally drank it all in like half an hour

  • Bobby

    Good call Andrei, nothing “blatant” about using both metric and imperial measurements togethe

  • Jon Jon

    Im using the my fitness pal. its macros requirements are different from the iifym calculator. Which one should i go by??

    • Without a doubt the IIFYM macro calculator is the better of the two. I only use myfitnesspal to log my macros. Nothing else

      • Brynne

        You can change your macro goals on myfitnesspal’s website. Not in app, but online

        • Annie

          You can change the goals in my fitness pal on the app, I did it this morning. Go into the menu list, then hit goals and adjust the percentages there under nutrition goals.

      • i am starting to work out again and when i enter in my workout to myfitnesspal.com i have to input the calories burned for weight lifting? i have no clue, please help.
        this is what i have been doing so far that doesnt populate calories burned in myfitnesspal.com:

        bicep curls 8-10#s
        triceps behind the head 8-10#s
        squats with 8-10#s
        squat jumps-25
        plank jacks-30-45 seconds
        jumping jacks-25

      • Kim Waterbury

        I bought the highest coaching package last week. I have tried EVERYTHING for someone to contact me. I emailed “Anthony” 3 times w no response. Can someone tell me what I can do about this. Paid for coaching, bought scale , no contact

    • Natalie Rowe

      Jon you can fix the goals on My Fitness Pal, on home page go into goals, reset goals and choose custom, then go in and put the numbers you need. The other thing I would do with My Fitness Pal is not log your exercise or it will give you extra calories and that just messes with your numbers!!

  • Filipe

    Simple and effective!

  • Kyle

    Ok so I think I calculated my macros right. I got 75g of fat, 450g carbs and 202 grams of protein for a total of 3275 calories. My question is if I hit my fat spot on but my carbs are 58 grams short of 450 and I have 256 calories left, would it be okay to eat a high carb food with some fat and minimal protein? My protein is also a bit high at 231 grams. My goal is also to be gaining weight.

    • Always best to hit your macros consistently..

      • Alexander David

        Is your 3275 TDEE or your TDEE+5-10% for gains? If you train in the PM carb backloading the extra 256cals would work, 50g of dextrose or vitargo post workout or sweet potato for more micronutrient value

  • Kyle

    Right so should I not worry about eating more fat and protein so I can get in my carbs?

  • Nick

    I’m starting a moderate cut diet after doing a bulk for some time. My calorie intake has gone from about 3100 to 2200 and I’ve been following it exactly. I’m assuming it’s normal to be starving for most of the day, right?

    • Starving? No.. If you were bulking on 3100 calories and then you made a sudden change down to 2200 calories, then yeah.. You will be hungry. You dumped 30% of your intake so of course you will be starving.
      A better way to to is is to reduce your calories in incriments over a period of a 6-8 weeks. So if you were at 3100, go down to 2800 for a few weeks, then down to 2500 then 2300..
      IF you start losing weight at 2800 there is really no need to lower calories again until you stall.. This give you room to drop calories later when fat loss slows down.. Dropping calories too early does not leave much room down the road..

  • megan

    I am using myfitnesspal to track my macros and I just discovered if you log-on to Myfitnesspal.com you can set your own goals for carbs, protein, fat, fiber and so on. Maybe you all already know this but it is a life saver for me. I always get my numbers screwed up (is it 124g carbs or 142. So if ya don’t know, now you know. Happy tracking 🙂

    • I learned this long ago.. Brilliant!!

      • ange

        where do i find this on fitnesspal i cant find the own goal setting area
        pls help!!

      • Sandy

        How do you do that? I can’t find the option.

      • Veronica

        Hey, If you have an iphone there’s an app called nutrition menu. the logo is blue with utensils. It’s an easy way to keep track of what you eat and you can also customize your intake allowances. I like that it has nutrition info for tons of foods and restaurant meals

    • Anaii


    • Cyndi

      Is there a way to change the actual grams or just the %’s?

      • what do you mean?

        • Cyndi

          When i go to change custom goals I can only adjust the macro %’s in increments of 5’s rather than manually inputting the amount of grams I want to eat.

          • Goals are in step 1
            Macros are in step 3
            Which are you talking about?

            IF you go to step 3, you can enter any custom number you want. It does not have to be in multiples of 5

          • Cyndi

            Sorry for the confusion I meant on myfitnesspal since that is the only way I have to log my macros

          • Ah..
            You are stuck with it.
            Just use MFP to track your macros
            Don’t rely on it to tell you how many you have left
            Do the math on your own

  • Kai

    Just a warning on using MyFitnessPal to set “custom goals” and track your macros… if you input any type of cardiovascular exercise into your day, their system will turn around and change your Macros to take in consideration the calories you burned. It will not matter if you never enter your exercise. However, my FitBit is synced and wreaks havoc on my Custo Goals I set. I have flat out memorized my macro goals.

    • True, but you should only being using Myfitnesspal to log your macros. Do not use it as a tool to find out what macros you need. Use our IIFYM calculator for that.

      • Sam

        Does IIFYM have an app to keep track of your macros?

  • dani

    should i eat the same amount of macros on days that i work out if my goal is fat loss? i have this macro tracker app, similar to yours, which states that, for far loss, on days that i dont work out i eat about 1650 cals and on days that i do work out i eat about 2250. is this right?

    • If you used our calculator to get your macros, hit our macros every day = and change nothing.
      It is crazy to lower calories on non workout days.. This is when you do = the most recovering. The most growth.
      People that tell you to lower calories on non lifting days only consider = the energy output from the food and assume that since you are not using = as much energy, you don’t need as much food. What they dismiss is how = beneficial those extra calories are for recovery, and for keeping your = metabolism high.
      Our calculator takes a weekly average and divides it by 7 giving you a = daily goal, which is better for recovery and fat loss


  • John

    im 5’9”, 225 lb, moderate lift/cardio 5 days/week for 2 hours, 25% bf, goal is to lose fat/preserve as much muscle.. are the presets for protein (1g/1lb) and fat (.45g/lb) ideal for my situation to achieve my goal or should i lower fat in order to increase carbs to preserve more muscle?

    • I like to go with lower fat so I get more carbs but that is how my body responds.. You will have to figure out how your body responds and move forward accordingly.

  • Kim

    I would like to cut so do I still eat the same macros all 6 meals? Or should I keep my last two meals lower carb and add those carbs to the first few meals of the day?

    • How you split your macros up is of very little importance..
      Try to get all 3 macros in every meal but don’t stress about when you eat them. 6 meals per day is a waste as well. there is no need for so many meals. Meal timing and frequency is irrelevant when it comes to body composition.

      • Rick

        Please explain how meal frequency and amounts of meals per day is irrelevant when it comes to body composition. Is it not true that one burns calories and works their metabolism harder when they eat more often. Also how can a person gain if they are to ingest 3000 calories over three meals? A 1000 calories a meal really?

  • Jason Sanders

    If something like nuts lets say has 4g carb but 3g dietary fiber, how do we track that? I have seen where some only count the carbs minus the fiber.. this make since

    • If you eat a cookie that has 30 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fiber, you will log that you ate 30 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of fiber.
      There is no additional math that needs to be done. If you use Myfitnesspal to log your macros, just go to your diary and add a fiber column.

  • ahmed

    i have a problem with mfp 5% customization goal cant really get my exact macros! any suggestions?

    • Sure..
      Don’t use MFP to tall you how many calories/macros you have left. Use it only to ad up your calories. You do the math on your own.

  • Maria

    Hey a friend of mine recommended me to this site. I would say I would be quite a rookie when it comes to macros. I’ve been in the body building scene for quite some time now and I know nutrition is a huge part of training! I’ve just never been able to get my “numbers” down…..or understand how to juggle it all anyway. This site makes a great deal of since and I’m excited to get started!!! This site is amazing!

  • panitpong

    I wonder about protein per meal. I’m 64kg. i want protein 128g. per day right ?
    and I have a question. About protein I can eat how many protein per meal ?
    1.All i want ?
    2.or some article I ever read about protein that tell me I can eat protein 0.5g/1kg permeal that’s mean I can eat 32g of protein per meal ?

    Ps. Sorry my english so bad but I’m very try to better. I really want to know about my question very much
    Thank you.

  • Jenna

    hey Friends I have a question about food scales. What would be the best food scale to buy?

  • Ben

    I figured out my macros and have been weighing all my food but I’m getting a little confused at the end of the day trying to meet my macros w/o going over. For example, if 1 serving of a food would put me over my macros I need to cut that food in half or have less than 1 full portion of it. Therefor do I just divide the p/c/f listed on the label by 2 for half a portion? Or by 4 if having only 1/4 of the portion? Seems simple but just making sure that’s how it works… Thank you!!

  • Danielle

    Am I supposed to include veggitables in my carb count?

    • Depends…
      Do you eat them or do you dress them up in funny clothes and pretend they are little people from another planet?
      If you eat them, then yes.. Count them!!!

      • Marie

        Sorry but I just had to say that I LOVE your reply. Actually laughed out loud lol

        • I laughed out loud at that reply too…But I cant lie, if I go over a little on my carbs, I say to myself “its ok cause over 2/3 of them came from fruits and veggies”!!! I know I know, not a good way to think BUT sometimes its the way it goes 🙂

      • shariq

        hahahahah that made me ROFL i <3 IIFYM 🙂

  • Jin

    “Our calculator takes a weekly average and divides it by 7 giving you a = daily goal, which is better for recovery and fat loss”

    So if I use the activity level formula, all my input of activity should be on a 7 day average base? For example: I workout 4 times a week, each 50min heavy weight. Should I take the average of 7 days? something like 50min x4 divided by 7? being 28,5 min? Or?

    Or which formula do you recommend Admin?
    Sorry if I’m being very noobie.

    • There is not additional math required. Simply enter your honest answers and the calcualtor will figure it all out for you.
      Your job then is to eat the macros it provides.
      The same macros every day regardless if you exercise or not.
      If you exercise 4 days per week, then enter 4 days on calculator.
      Any of the formulas will work. Your best bet is to pick the one that gives you the highest number and start there, and stay there for 4 weeks. If you lose weight, stick with it. If not, adjust until you make progress.
      1 lb per weeks is a great amount of fat loss

  • Louise

    I’ve been eating about 1650 calories for a while now and have stalled with my weight loss. After using your updated calculator i can see that i’ve probably been reckless for my tdee. I’ve amended my calories now to agressive, but is a change of 100 calories too much in one go for a female? Or should i go the other way and drop it more?

  • Hamdan Merchant

    My problem is that the tdee calculator suggests I intake 2768 calories/day If wanna loose weight.. While myfitnesspal. Com say only 1478.. Which should I Lsn to.. Plz help.. And how do I knw the micro needs for my body?

  • Hamdan Merchant

    Ok I’m sorry abt the question.. Apparently I’m not the only 1 with that problem… So I read in the comments above and it answered my questions.. So.. Sorry to bother. I hope I start loosing fat.. And preserve mu muscles..

  • Roy

    I’m 5’9” – 5’10”, 152lbs, waist line is about 31 inches and body fat 12 – 15 percent.

    I work 5 days a week for 7 – 6 hours a day and I do a lot of walking and a lil bit of running at work.
    I workout 4 days a week

    I was wondering what are my macros should be if I wanna lower my body fat to 10 percent?

  • Konnie Witt

    I just recently discovered iifym and I wanted to know if I want to gain muscle I would choose bulk? I am a SAHM and workout at home. I have been seeing good results but would love to gain more muscle and love your concept. Thanks!!

  • candace

    Admin. thanks for being so helpful … came to site via instagram and read info then scrolled comments … I feel able to do this though I am intimidated by weighing food…

  • Alex

    I’m clearly doing something wrong with the calculator, because it’s telling me I should be eating -3.2 grams of carbs a day. How do I eat negative anything? 35yo female, 5’9″, 255 lbs, Katch-McCardle, 45% BF, exercise 3x week, aggressive, IIFYM, 1g protein/lb, 0.45g fat/lb as recommended on the main page.

    Daily results are:
    Carbs: -3.2g
    Protein: 255g
    Fat: 114.8g
    Fibre: 51-64g
    Calories: 2040

    Even ignoring the impossibility of eating negative carbs, I don’t see how achieving these targets could be physically possible. I’ve been using MFP for over six months now; it has set my daily calorie target at 1400 and I’ve lost 80lbs following their system so far and not been “starving” or even hungry most of the time. Is this just part of the “brainwashing” mentioned in the FAQ? I really feel like I’m missing something rather significant.

    • It looks like there is an issue with the Katch-McCardle part of our calculator.. Try using one of the other options until we get it fixed

  • new guy

    hey all new to the whole fitness scene and i have a quick question… wats the point of weighing the food with the scale??

  • Can someone help out I’m a 22 y/o weight 175lbs and I’m 5’9. Im pretty confused about this math but would love to cut weight to get ripped. I’m pretty big already but I’m lacking proper dieting. pls. help

    • Mark

      So you know exactly how much food you have and therefore you can accurately know the nutritional content

  • Rachel

    I have two questions!

    1. In the last step on “how to start iifym today” it says…”Select foods that are rich in micro nutrients (vitamins and mineral) first. Once your micro nutrients are met, go for food that you enjoy eating….” — so my question is, how do I know what my MICRO nutrients are? Other than fiber…the iifym doesnt calculate my micros, so i’m not sure how I am supposed to know whether or not I am meeting them.

    2. My second question is…what happens if you go over your calories/macros one day? I KNOW the logical answer is “don’t go over them, hit your macros spot on every day” but I am only human and we all have those unexpected “cheat” meals that put us over our daily macro goals.

    I know the iifym calculator takes a weekly average and divides it by 7 giving you a daily goal, so if you exceed the DAILY goal one day … should you reduce your calories/macros the next day so that you dont exceed your WEEKLY goal? Or do you still aim to hit your macros the next day (thus, putting you over your weekly macros).

    • Rachel

      can you please respond to this comment?

      • Mark

        Just do the best you can – you don’t have to be perfect to make improvements. If you follow this then it’s probably MUCH better than whatever you were previously doing so don’t sweat it.

        1. I personally don’t worry too much about micros. I take a multi Vitamin and then just try to eat some green veggies every day and fruits as well. Just do the best you can to throw these in.

        2. Again – just do the best you can. If you go over one day, then you could TRY to be under by that much the next day but I wouldn’t worry too too much about it if it doesn’t exactly avg out at the end of the week. And if you don’t go under the next day then just make sure you’re not going over very often and you’ll be fine. Just do the best you can to hit your macros each day

  • Steph

    In the above comments, you mentioned that it’s important to “hit all 3 macros at each meal” (this may be a stupid question but I want to assure I understand this), that being Carbs, Protein & fats correct? Is it crucial to hit the exact number of fats, carbs, proteins, & calories at each meal or does it only matter that you hit your total number for the day? I hope that makes sense?!
    Right now my current macros are: Carbs:201.9 Protein: 148 Fat: 66.6 Fiber 30-37 Cals: 1999 and for the day I’m already at carbs: 153 Protein:150 Fat: 42 Fiber: 24. I’ve already hit my protein goal, so do I just eat carbs, fats, and fiber for the remainder of the day to hit my totals? That would leave me with at least 2 more meals before bed without protein and I normally have a casein shake before bed, which would increase my protein intake for the day. Any clarification you can provide would be appreciated. I want to make sure I’m doing this correctly and I’m excited to try it. It sounds like I obviously am used to eating lots of protein as I was trying to gain muscle and now I want to lean out more, so maybe this is correct, but it just doesn’t seem right not to eat any more protein today. Or that I need to plan out my meals better for tomorrow. Thanks for your help!!

  • Steph

    I also meant to ask, in trying to reach my carb, fat, and fiber goal for the remainder of today, what if I go over in calories? Do I also want to keep the foods within my calorie goal as well? I would have to choose something that meets cals, fat, fiber, and carb numbers for the day, correct? Thanks!

  • Monica

    I’m new to IIFYM. I also currently use MFP.. After using your calculator, these are my macros for weight loss: Carbs 167 protein 155 fat 70. It also says I should take in 1917 calories. Do I use that for my goal calorie intake on MFP? When I do that.. It screws up my macros goals. :/ MFP has me on a 1200 calorie plan.. And when I enter my exercise it says I’m taking in too few calories.

    • only use MFP to track your macros.
      Use our calculator to figure them out
      MFP is only good for tracking macros. that is all!

  • Marie

    Hi There,

    Does it matter what fats you consume? eg unsaturated or saturated?
    Or does it not matter because saturated fat will give you more calories which just means you can have less?
    Am I understanding this right?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Marie

      Sorry another question!
      My fat came up as 69.8g per day. Is that not quite high?
      My goal is to lean out (fat loss) I’m 5’10 155lb weight training 5 days a week.
      The calculator came out as 1961cal/day, 178.3g carbs, 155g protein and 69.8g fat.

      Sorry if it’s a stupid question but I wanted to check before I started. Thank you

      • Seems accurate to me.
        Do it, and if you gain weight after 4 weeks of consistent counting, back off some.

    • All fats have the same calories but some are healthier than others.
      I’d try to be as healthy as you can whil still eating foods you enjoy!

  • lorraine

    do i weigh my food before or after if it is cooked? I have read both. whats your input? thanks

    • Depends on how you log it. If you log grilled tuna, you would weigh it as grilled
      If you log raw tuna, you would weigh it raw

  • Kelley

    Ok…so I am on day2 of IIFYM…
    I eat according to the calculated results…I understand that and am using MyFitnessPal to track; however, to I deduct my calories burned while exercising or that is a non factor.
    By reading, it appears that the calories burned is a non factor but I want to be sure.

    • Never subtract or add calories in. Our formula is based on your TDEE which includes your total energy used.
      You would only add calories back if you were using your BMR..
      No additional math is required!

      • Kelley

        Thank you!

  • Kristy Yong

    Im a newbie in intermittent fasting therefore im pretty new here. I just want to know if we got to attend an event so we dont know what are the nutrition facts like then how do we go about it?

  • Hi all, I am very new to macros. I am 135, 5’4″ and I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. I work out with my friend and her husband. They do not do macros. I would like to lose weight. please… help, what should be guidelines be for protein,carbs and fat?

  • oh, what is the difference in the calulatores in trying to figure out your macros?

    • Please click the little info button next to each calculator to see the difference

    • Please click this Info icon next to them to see the difference

  • Kristina

    So im just curious and maybe i missed something i have my calorie needs which say 1916 to loose weight/BodyFat. Is this my baseline and if i workout and burn 700-1000 Calories am i supposed to eat back that amount or just create a larger defecit?

    • 1916 is your TDEE less a caloric deficit. You must eat 1916 calories to lose weight based on the energy input you fed our calculators
      You do not need to add anything back. Adding back calories only works for your BMR, not your TDEE

  • Lilly H

    I’m brand new to this and trying so hard to grasp this concept. Maybe I already get it but I’m second guessing myself? Does this sound familiar. History: I’ve been stuck at 115 lbs for a really long time and don’t see my extreme dieting/calorie limitations or intense cardio and weight training sessions making enough of a difference. I decided to try this because I am tired of being hungry and guilty about eating with my 1300 calorie diet! I used the calculator and it tells me my TDEE is 2037! I’m feeling like I should use the “reckless” numbers because the other ones just seem so scary! I don’t want to gain weight! And yes! I’m also scared of carbs! I read about “cutting” and “increasing carbs” so often; it confuses me more! are these phases of the iifym style? Can someone help? Help me get started! Or maybe I already started and have to start believing!

    • From what I can tell, the best thing for you to do is to skip the calculators and start revers dieting.
      Basically you will slowly add calories back in to your diet. It might take you 6-12 months to go from 1300 calories up to 2000 calories but by the time you finish, you should still be pretty lean and will bea eating a lot more food with less guilt. You might even start to lose a few lbs depending on how your body responds.
      I’d suggest contacting a nutrition coach that is good ad reversing girls out of low calorie diets. email me if you need a suggestion: answers@iifym.com

    • N

      Sounds like your underweight unless youre under five feet so your body is probably in starvation mode and I wouldn’t count on losing any more weight

  • Sandy

    So that you know exactly if you’re getting the correct amount of food indicated on the nutrition facts.. ie: meat. That’s just what I think. Could you someone confirm??

  • sydnee

    I set the calculator for “Ketogenic” macro ratios and it says both my protein and fat intake should be around 105g even though the ratios are 65%F and 30%P. Does this make sense???

    • davetree

      yeah sydnee, that measurement is all about calories so carbs and Protein are 4 calories per gram. Fat is around 9 calories per gram so the ratios of calories from Fat is over twice as many (65 to 30) despite eating the same weight (105g)

  • Patty

    I am new to this. I am 165, 55″ I want to lose weight. My IIFYM recommended 1821. I plan to work out 6 days a week. cardio / strength training. Should I still be burning 250 to 300 cals through exercise. My protein intake seem pretty high. I have never eaten that much before. Can I still take protein shake to help increase me protein levels. When I burn 300 from 1821 for 6 days for a month I will only lose 2 pound in a month can you explain this to me???

  • nizar


    About the re-feed day, where u have to eat like 1000 calories of carb to peak up your leptin level, in order to prevent the body from reaching platue and get shredded fastr.
    Is this really true and do we have to do it based on our body fat percentage and how is the beat way to calculate it?

    Thank you in advance

  • Lauren

    This might be a stupid question but im confused… I am currently looking into iifym. If I meet my protein, fat and carbs for the day but haven’t met my calorie intake what am I supposed to do?

    • Mark

      You can’t – if you hit your carbs, fat, and protein macros then it will equal your calories

  • andrea

    so what you’re saying is……i can have carbs 8)

    tears of joy……….lol

  • Steph

    is there any way you can please respond to my 2 questions above? No one ever responded to my questions…I would appreciate it! Thank you.

  • marlene

    ive just started with IIFYM and have heard about a refeed day is this important?

  • mb

    i new at this, love it so far but i am a bit confused.i plug my macros and it says that i have to eat 63g of fat ad 180g of carbs, as i put the numbers in the calculator to to moderate, aggressive drop. it only drops carb but my fat intake is the same…
    right now i am at 220g Protein, 178g Carbs, and 44g Fat im a little hesitant to go to 63g of fat that fast.? any recommendations?
    thank you

    • Suggestion?
      Yes. Hit your macros and stop over thinking things.

  • mb

    here is one more question. sorry in advanced, my previous coach has always told me to measure the food cook, the only this that was to be measure uncooked was to be oat meal.
    now i am doing more investigation in the matter and I see more article that say measure meats,rice, pasta raw.. any recommendations on this subject.??
    thank you

    • Always measure food dry
      Dry food always weight the same where as cooked food can be different
      You can turn 50 grams of oats in to 100 grams or 120 grams depending on how long you cook them for.
      Same amount of oats. The only difference is water. Dry is always most accurate

      • Rachel

        Should I be measuring meat cooked or raw? I have been measuring things cooked to account for the water lost in cooking, but I’m not sure if this is correct or not? Thanks!

  • charmed

    all this adding subtracting multiplying and trying to figure foods density..what if im freakin busy..no wonder im a fat ass

  • JT

    Hello, why is it that people workout a certain area of the body per day ?
    Example: (Monday: Leg day) (Tuesday: Arms day) etc?
    In one day I usually try to divide my workouts evenly by working out my arms, legs etc. (I do 30 min interval cardio and the rest I lift weights for both legs and arms) my abs I work out twice a week. Overall I try to workout 6 times a week.

    Which is better? Working one muscle group per day or having a mix of both legs and arms?

    I’ve also started to track my macros 2 weeks ago, (I did the calculations myself) I’m working on slowly doing the famous ‘reverse dieting’. My goal is to gain muscle in my legs and arms (not for competition though) and to obviously cut fat in my abdominal area.


  • Natalie Rowe

    I am having a hard time eating enough protein everyday. I have like 83 grams leftover and I am done eating for the day?? I feel like I am pigging out since I got my numbers and realized that I was under eating.

  • Megan

    I’m new to IIFYM, im not over weight but I’d like to drop some belly fat so I can start seeing the abs that are there, somewhere. I figured I’d give this method a whirl. First, is the scale necessary? Second, I use MFP and I just adjusted based on the numbers from your calculator but the protein, carbs, and fat all go by a % so my macros are all off by a few. Anyone know how I can either get them to be the correct amount or recommend a better app to use?

  • Kaleigh

    Someone might have already asked this question but I am having a hard time figuring the answer. When using myfitnesspal you can only change the macros in 5% increments. Is there a way to change that to be exact or do you just log in what you eat and just remember to add or subtract the number you really need? I feel so silly with this because it should be something so simple!! But that just sounds like a pain in the butt to remember what you have left or over especially if you are like me who likes to be exact with that sort of thing! Please help!

  • Apryl Wilson

    I’m having trouble figuring out my carbs in general. Also, I’m 5’8 135…I’m wanting to bulk/tone and drop my body fat which is 20%….how do calculate this??

  • Apryl Wilson

    NEVERMIND I have the carbs figured out but I would like to know the answer to the second question about calculating if I’m trying to bulk/tone and lose body fat % or does it matter?!?!?

  • Kelsey

    I’m a little lost, when I’m doing the iifym calculator how do I know what to pick as my protein intake and fat and such, there are 3 choices and I don’t understand which one I am supposed to pick. And then the whole thing with weighing food and how to tell how many grams of fat or carbs something has in it has me completely lost. How do you find out these things? If its on the labels then why do I need to weigh my food? I hope someone can help me and not in a language I don’t understand haha HELP

  • Cyndi

    Why do the macro percentages vary whether you choose suggested, aggressive or reckless? For aggressive they are around 35-35-30, is that the best place to start? I always thought 40-40-20 was a good starting point or standard? And I noticed the protein grams never change, but the fats and carbs do which changes the macro percentages drastically. How do we know if that is what’s best for us to start at?

  • Lindsey R

    I just downloaded the my fitnesspal app and found out hoe to determine my macros which I believe is the pie chart with the percentages ppercentages located under it.. I am 5’3 and 115 pounds and I would like to stop restricting myself to certain foods so I want to variety and not feel quilting about it. I’m confused as to what yo do next. Do I follow the my fitness pal app l,log my food and let it figure it out for me.can someone please explain to me what to do, I know I’m missing something and I’m desperate for help. I can’t live life with the eating disorder that I have. I need to try something else. Any help is GREATLY appreciated !! Thank you(:

  • Jesse

    Hi newb here to iifym/flexible dieting? Think they’re one in the same.
    Anyway my questions are
    1.im looking to lose fat…100+lbs. Do I use my actual weight or lean body mass.. I read in another flexible diet site that significantly over weight ppl should use LBM.. Should I even be using this program with so much weight to lose?
    Second when given my macros with this calculator it says to consume 34g carbs per day and 68-85g fiber… Using MFP I’m having a hard time finding ways where I can consume high fiber without increasing the carbs with it. So is Carbs calculated after subtracting the dietary fiber.
    Example 1 cup of almonds is 28g carbs with 16g dietary fiber… Fiber is under carbs. Increasing fiber means increasing carbs.. What am I doing wrong?

  • Gee

    Hey Admin!

    Well I’m new to the IIFYM way of eating. I calculated my macros and I have to say the calories are high but I’m ready and willing to give it a try. My concern is I’m looking for fat loss. Now I’m not looking for skinny just some fat loss. I’m a strength athlete so strong and stacked is what I’m looking for. I just want to make sure my calculations aren’t too high for fat loss.
    Current Stats:
    Goal Weight: 175# (respectively I’m flexible)
    Activity: Mostly 5 days a week sometimes a 6th. Strength training 4 days and Crossfit 1 to 2 days a week.
    Thank you for your time!

  • Gee

    Sorry forgot to put in my calculations!!
    Carbs: 90.5
    Protein: 225
    Fat: 90
    Fiber: 45
    TDEE: 2438

  • Diane

    Is this site and counting macro’s only for bodybuilders and contest prep? I would like to lose some weight/fat but I am not prepping for anything other than life. Should I follow the IIFYM macro guide for this?

  • MJ

    New to IIFYM and not sure how to do this. I understand using the calculators and using macros and all. I would like to stay the same weight but add muscle. If I choose “MAINTAIN” as my goal, will I keep the body fat (stay the same) or will it go down as I build muscle? I workout pretty intense 5 or 6 days a week. I began lifting in 2008 and went from 165 to 195.

  • JW

    I hope this doesn’t seem redundant to the question asked above about fiber/carbs, but I’m just seeking some clarification. If my macros from the calculator tell me that I should be consuming 47.5 grams of carbs/day and 28-35 grams of fiber/day – are those fiber grams included within the 47.5 grams of carbs or in addition to the grams of carbs. I would hope that that it is 47.5 grams of carbs + additional 28-35 grams fiber… or else I am going to be getting ketogenic mighty quickly 🙂 Thanks for the help!

  • Jules

    I just started IIFYM. I am 5’7, 140 lbs, heavily active in crossfit. My macros according to this calc are 140p/56f/186c/ 25-28 fiber. Is this alot of carbs for someone who is trying to lose fat?? My nutritionist had me on 96 carbs when I was 130 lbs… Maybe I’m not used to the high amt of carbs, I just don’t wanna blow up like a balloon!

  • brighteyedgirl99

    Hey admin ive been researching iifym and have been watching biolayne’s videos and im siked to start this type of eating. Ive been tracking on mfp for awhile now and my biggest problem even when i havent been using iifym is hitting my protein targets. Now since I used the calculator on this site my total daily protien should be 182 daily or approximately 60g each meal. Any suggestions on hitting that high a protein intake each meal without going over my carb intake?

  • cara

    i’m having such a hard time reaching my protein requirements without going over on my fats! help! any suggestions?

    • cara

      right now i’m at:

      carbs: 142.6 g
      protein: 138 g
      fats: 55.2 g

  • Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank
    you so much, However I am having difficulties with your RSS.
    I don’t know why I am unable to subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody having the same RSS issues? Anyone that knows the solution
    will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  • Eks

    I’m still a bit confused with the fiber. I’m told I should be eating 30-37g of fiber/day. That amounts to 3-4 bowls of All Bran a day and that seems to be the highest fiber-content food I could find. Fiber supplements only give 3 grams/ serving. Am I missing an essential dish?

  • rt

    Can you change your macros exactly on MFP? I can only see where you can change the % and it doesnt get it exactly right for me

  • nik

    what an awesome site. Admin you are the bomb. thanks for all your help. just a quick one.
    i train at 5am. does a specific percentage of your calories need to preworkout and postworkout or is that irrelevant in the grander scheme of things?

    i tried carb back loading recently and somewhat messed up my physique as they dont calorie count on that program so i over did it by forgetting the basics of calories in vs calories out and the iifym principles.

    i prefer eating most of my calories at night in front of the tv or when we go out for dinner. does it make that much of a difference considering its so far away from my workout at 5am?

    thanks again

  • nik

    one last one, do you count calories from fibre? are there calories in fibre? so if a piece of food has 5grams of carbs and 5 grams of fibre only, does it then have 20 calories or 40 calories?
    sorry for the dumb question!!!

  • sam

    Ok forgive me for asking a dumb question but how the heck do I figure out how many grams of fat I’m consuming in for instance, a pizza or an avocado? Every website I look at list different calorie and fat grams for almost everything. How do I know if what I am logging is accurate??

  • Lindsey

    As my weight decreases do you go back and adjust your macros or wait till you stall in weight loss and adjust your macros then>

  • Nikki

    When I got my break down for all the macros and how they would be divided over
    6 meals, I wondered if I should eat less carbs at the end of the day. Should I still stick to that? Or could I eat brown rice at 8:00pm as long as it fits my macros?

  • EJ

    I’ve used IIFYM calculator for my macros since I started really wanting to revamp my lifestyle (diet). I have been on it for 3 weeks or so, doing fairly well at finally hitting my macros for over 2. I use myfitnesspal to log and I agree it would be nice to be able to change the macros in the app to suit the iifym calculations.

    If it were possible, I’d like to lose fat and gain lean muscle. I understand now that muscle burns more calories and women won’t look like ogres if we do. So I have been weight training 5x a week with some cardio worked in. I think I will look at switching jogging to more HIIT workouts instead of steady cardio.

    I find it a little odd that I can only take in 87 grams carbs daily when carbs feed workouts. Yes, I want to lose fat so I’m at a 500-cal deficit. 160g prot, 87carbs and 63 fat…I’m just not certain it’ll get me where I need to be. After 3 weeks I haven’t noticed anything really. I’m VERY new to this but I don’t like the idea of bulking… gaining weight to add muscle and cutting to get rid of just fat. Is there truly no middle ground?

    Background: 27 year old female, 5’8″ 165lb. Hoping to get to 150 with (let’s be honest) sexy muscles. Insight? Thank you!!!

  • dc

    I’m confused. Iifym calculator tells me to have 36g of carbs per day and around 80g of fiber. Isn’t fiber carbs? How does that work?

  • Amber

    I want to hear from actual people following this diet. I this really a good way to lose weight?

  • adrian

    so quick question, lets say i meet my protein and fat intake is it ok if while i am trying to meet my carbs i pass my fat and protein intake to meet the required calories? thanks in advance.

  • Megan

    I did a customized amount of calories on my Fitness Pal requirements, but I am wondering just how much sugar I should be taking in for the day. It only has me at 30 grams a day and I feel as though I can never follow those guidelines because everything has some amount of sugar in it. FYI, I am on a 1753 calorie intake to lean up and on 176.1 g of carbs, 138 g of protein 55.2 fat and between 28 – 35 of fiber

  • Molly

    hi! i’m a pescaterian and am having trouble meeting my protein requirement (160g). I use the gold standard whey protein, is it okay to use this 2-3x per day to help me meet my requirement? Thanks for the help

    • Yes, however whey protein comes from cows milk which means you can no longer call yourself a pesciaterian…

  • mike

    umm ok, so im currently “meal planning” not tracking macros, and im sick of it, I want more flex in my diet, I honestly have no clue how to do any of this or work MFP, any and all help would be greatly appreciated my macros are this carbs 447.8 protein 151.1 fats 66.4 fiber 33 – 42 what my total cal at 2993, so if someone can please please please help me out I would greatly appreciate it to the fullest, can you please email me at fitmike85@gmail.com with any info thank you

  • Lauren

    Hi I was wondering does the amount of sugar you eat have an effect? I know you probably shouldnt eat that much as it is not really that good for you? But surely if it comes from fruit etc its ok?
    I always get confused :/ plus for my body shape I dont think I can eat the remainder of my macros in carbs!!

    I would love to do IIFYM but seems confusing…or perhaps I am just ‘clean’ stupid brainwashed. some variety in my diet would be amazing lol

  • Charlotte

    Am I reading it right? I entered my starting/current info in the iifym calculator for reckless fat loss:

    Carbs per day: 16.3
    Protein: 163
    Fat: 65.2
    Fiber: 33-41

    Overall calories – 1304

    My confusion is the carbs & fiber totals. Fiber is double Carb amount. Uhm…ah….not sure how to get that much fiber in without going over the recommended daily Carb goal

  • megz

    hi there,
    am new to the whole IIFYM. I have calculated my macros and all seems good…i am a long distance runner trying to lose weight without compromising my training. should i assume the carbs provided (166g per day for me based on my goals) is sufficient for my running?

  • Arielle

    I am breastfeeding and am n

  • Arielle

    Sorry about the above…I am breastfeeding and have been told I need to consume 500 additional calories per day. I am not sure how to break up the macros on this. I would assume that some of this would be protein and fat, not just carbs? Or after the body weight requirements are met would it be 500 additional calories worth of carbs? Seems like a lot.

  • Sara

    I have lost a little over 50 pounds in my wieght loss journey and I am looking to switch things up with IIFYM. I am currently 5’3 and about 145lbs. I would say my body fat is at about 20-22%, as it is very hard to accurately calculate. I would still like to lean out to about 17% while continuing to gain muscle. When I calculated my Macros I came up wth 136 carbs, 181 protien, 43 fat with about 1660 calories a day. Does this sounds correct to you? Thank you for the help!

  • Dannie

    Has anyone tried using the nutrition tracker at SparkPeople? I know that you can change the nutrients you track, but I’m wondering if everything tracks correctly mathematically for this type of lifestyle?

  • Christina


    So I just started IIFYM about 3/4 weeks ago – at that point, I was 160lbs (26 y/o 5’6” female) and only working out 3 times a week. My macros were set at 65g Fat, 104g Carbs, 160 protein (this was aggressive). Now I’m about 156/157 and working out 5 days a week. Any recommendations how to switch my macros? i’m trying to lose fat, and I’m nervous to increase my carbs to the new recommended amount (132g) so quickly. Is it wise to slowly add them in (ie: over the course of two/three weeks)? Would you recommend decreasing Fat intake as well? (The last macro plan I was on lasted me for two months before i wanted to jump off a cliff, with my macros at 150P/25F/75C – and obviously this was when I saw immediate results) i believe I’m at about 25% BF right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Matt


    I just discovered your website. It’s cool ! Love this page. So much value.

    But I have a few doubts about this method :

    – What about the saturated fats (that cause artery-clogging) ? Don’t you consider their danger ?
    – What about the protein quality ? How can you consider proteins in a cookie the same than the ones in a piece of steak (not the same amino acid profile at all) ?
    – What about the simple and complex sugars ? Simple sugars can be very nocive for your glycemia and cause diabete and heart disease if consumed exclusively ?

    I’m not criticizing. This method looks wonderful and so accurate, but I’m just worried about my health. From my knowledge, I don’t think we can consider all fats or carbs or proteins as equal.

    What do you think ?


  • Paige

    I’m new to this and I have a silly question to ask. I am 5,3 and 108 pounds. How do you calculate the percentages of fat, protein and carbs into my fitness pal? I want to gain muscle and lose body fat. If anyone could help me out that would be great 🙂

  • Katrina Freeman

    I used to have a nutrition coach that kept me around 1400 cals. I’m a 6’1 female, 140 weight. It says I need to eat 1832 cals to lose a little weight I gained some pounds post shie and trying to pull some back off.. So it kind of sounds like alot more. Is this correct?

    • Your coach started you off at 10 x body weight, which is usually where you end up at the end of a diet. It is always best to start out around 12-13 x bw, then reduce as you lose weight.
      1832 is not a ton, if your energy expenditure is high.. The best thing to do is slowly work up to it. Add 10 grams of carbs every week until you get to the new macros.
      If you put on fat (FAT, not WEIGHT!!) then pull back some..

      • Katrina Freeman

        How will I know which one I’m actually putting on? Weight or fat. I’m starting this all on my own so I’m not sure. Thank you for your help

  • Tom

    MFP (My Fitness Pal) website custom goals are in increments of 5%.
    the differences are so minor, I’m thinking it’s not going to make a major change in meeting my goals. For example MFP sets my at carbs 167g fat 74g and protien 222g. IIFYM sets me at carb 162.5g fat 82.8 and protein 207g. Will I really notice major differences in my progress with such minor differences? i would prefer a little more protein than fat on a daily basis. What do you think.

    • Your macros are yours… Do not let MFP tell you how many you have left (due to their limitations)
      Rather than look at the number that MFP says you have remainin for each macro, do the math yourself>
      If you know you are supposet to hit 200 grams of protein, and you ate 170, this means you have 30 left, even if MFP says you have 42 or 19 left. Your macros are yours.
      Hit them!!

    • Amber

      Try using a macro counting app like My Macros+ rather than a calorie counting app like My Fitnesspal app…it sounds like your macro counting would be a lot easier to manage.

  • Denise

    I’m just trying to figure this all out….I want to start this whole IIFYM
    So I just put in my whole day on MYP.

    Totals ***1,234*** ***112*** ***30*** ***90*** ***31*** ***67***

    Your Daily Goal ***1,750*** ***109*** ***68*** ***175*** ***43*** ***24***

    Remaining ***516*** ***-3*** ***38*** ***85*** ***12*** ***-43***

    Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber Sugar

    Does that look right? I obviously still need to eat a bit more.

  • Rina Z

    Ok, so I just want to make sure I’m doing this right and not some of the silly stuff I’ve been doing…

    I’m currently around the 110lb-112.44lb range, my goal is to reach a 106lb weight and then gain muscle weight.

    For now my macros should be:

    Calories: 1,484 (is it too low/high?)
    Fat: 16 g
    Protein: 128 g
    Fiber: 21.2 g
    Carbs: 207? Not really sure on this one…

    Also, what would be more important: reaching your macros and either surpassing or having a caloric intake deficit —— Or —– Reaching your caloric intake goals but either surpassing/not reaching your macros?

    Thank you for the help 🙂


    • 16 grams of fat?!?!
      Where did you get that number from?
      Way too low Rina..
      Go use the IIFYM calculator on our site.. Use the IIFYM setting in step 3

      • Rina

        Yeah everything was off. That’s what I got on my fitness pal, but I must have written something incorrectly. I used the calculator on this website and this is what I got based on the results:

        47/47.6 grams of fat 27 grams of fiber 106/107 grams of protein and 89/107grams total of carbs.

        On a 1203-1284 calorie intake.

  • Good day! This is my first comment here so I just
    wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely
    enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that
    deal with the same subjects? Thanks for your time!

  • Leeda

    I saw someone else ask this question and it was unanswered. If I am breastfeeding that usually burns around 500 additional calories per day. If I was not doing any exercise and just breastfeeding how can I account for that in the calculator. I was thinking of putting in there 5 workouts a week to account for just breastfeeding

    Also if I do workout 3 times a week plus exclusively breastfeeding how would I account for that?


    • The easiest way is to go back to the calculator and add 300-500 calories on top of your goal calories, then enter that number in to the custom field in step 1.
      Then proceed as you normally would and get your macros in step 4.

  • Juliet

    I’ve seen this question asked a couple times and couldn’t find a response….I’ve hit my fiber macros for the day but still have all other macros left…is it ok to go over fiber…I don’t know what to do now?

    • Yes, you can go over on your fiber.. Just make sure that you do not go over on your carbs.

      • Juliet

        ok thanks…is it ok if i’m not meeting all my macros everday?

        • Remind me..
          Is the program called If It Fits Your Macros,
          or is it called If It Fits Some Imaginary Number That You Decide To Hit?

  • Juliet

    Ouch! Just been below all my macros each day so I was curious.

  • Jody

    I am having major difficulty entering my macros into the customized Daily Intake on myfinesspal. Please help….anyone want to help the challenged? lol

    • Amber

      Try the My Macros+ app instead of the MyFitnessPal app. I find it to work a lot better for counting macros.

  • Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?

    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thanks

  • Aaa

    I eat lots of fruit&vegetables but it always seems to push me over my fibre limit. Is it ok to go over or is that just ruining the whole concept? Also i naturally don’t eat very much (but recently my diet has been appalling which is why I’m jumping on the iifym train) so sometimes I struggle to meet my macros because I’m not hungry. What happens if I’m under? Or does it only matter if I’m over?

  • meg

    Hello! Great article. I’ve been interested in making the switch from a low carb diet to iifym for quite some time. The calories arent much different, but is there a recommended transition so I don’t sabotage myself going from very low carb up to highet carbs? Ive heard increasing by 10g/week… any thoughts?


  • Jay

    I’m currently on 1325 calories with one cheat meal a week I’m trying to find out what’s the best approach to iifym for me.

  • Shanfun11

    Do I jump right up to the carbs, or go slowly until I hit the number. I’m currently on higher protein ratio to carbs.

  • shanfun11

    First day of IIFYM! I use loseit.com. I’ve entered my food for the day so I am prepared. I’ve got the macros entered. I’ve done the math ~ 4 cals for carbs and protein, and 9 for fat per gram. I have reached my proper caloric limit just like you say to do. However, loseit has calculated my calories as over by 60 calories!!! This is making me crazy! But I am going to stick with the math calculations and move forward. Correct? I don’t know why it calculates different since it’s a fact that protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram, and fat 9. HUMMMM….

  • Shanfun11

    Bare with me… I’m fixated! Calories only come from fat, carbs & protein, right? Then why when I do the math for the macros (4 cals per gram of protein & carbs & 9 cals for each gram of fat) is the total different than what loseit.com calculates??? It’s really bugging me.

  • ysi89

    I’m wondering what “exercise” means exactly. 30 minutes? 60 minutes?
    How can the calculator be accurate if someone that does cardio 3 times/week for about 30 minutes and someone else doing the same but 60 minutes get the same marcos?!

    Wouldn’t it be more precise if you’d leave out the exercise-level of the calculator, and just add the -exact- calories you burn while exercising separately?

    My calorie-intake/day calculated with exercise-level: 1801
    My calorie-intake/day calculated witout exercise-level: 1572 + 107 (calories burned/day*)= 1679

    *3 times/week x 250 calories= 750 calories/week devided by 7 = 107 calroies/day

    Thanks in advance

  • If you wish for to improve your knowledge only keep visiting this website and
    be updated with the most up-to-date news posted here.

  • ayse

    Is there an app that allows you to customize your exact macros? Myfitnesspal only lets you do it by rounding off to the nearest percentage and I can’t seem to have it fall on the exact amount of p/c/f I need.

    • Amber

      Check out the app My Macros+. It will cost you a couple bucks but it’s totally worth it.

  • soks

    hey so for a new mother who fully nurses (aka no formula for my little one) i was told to add 300 calories to my macro calculator, so do i just split that up into my macros or is it like 300 protein cals or….?

    • No, go to the calculator, look at your TDEE, add 300 calories, and put that number in the custom filed inside step 2 (all the way to the right) then continue as you would normally and get your macros in step 4

  • Jossue

    are we soppose to get macros from basal metabolic rate? because for example if you select one of the options like i exercise 4 times a week, is it really gonna be that accurate? because exercise could mean different things, some may run 3 miles or some may just lift weights.??

    • Is this a real question?

  • Eric

    Hello! I just started IIFYM and so far I’m loving it. I used to do the bro way of things with nutrition and it got me shredded for my last comp last yr and did good, but my old coach didn’t really educate me on how to reverse back to a normal diet.. So I was off a diet for a while and got super sloppy and but about 3 months ago I started to workout again and do a diet. I started to do what I did for my prep and I started to gain more weight. About two days ago I started IIFYM macros by using the calculator they had on their site and I started on the cutting phase one at the suggested setting at a weight of 211. I’m doing around 211p/211c/84f. The first day into it I gained like 7 pounds.. Idk what’s going on! The site also told me to stay on this track of macros for awhile and since then I’ve just been hitting them. But back to the point, I’m in need of help to see if I should just keep doing that or up my cals slightly each week or go down. Sorry for the long message… Lol

    • Jr

      I know its been a few months but i was wondering what happened with your numbers. i think you gained weight because your macros seem to be way off. if you did the suggested settings. it would be for 1g of protein per pound of weight. The body fat percentage at the beginning should have reduced your weight to lean body weight being somewhere around 168 grams of protein and carbs if you have (for example) 20% body fat. so the numbers are way off and it seems that you are going way over on all your macros. thats my 2 cents

  • Anthony

    Is it more important to simply stay *under* your macros, or maintain the proper percentages for however many calories you take in that day? For example, let’s say near the end of the day, I’m around 300 calories short of my “goal” (for whatever reason, just didn’t eat so much that day). Let’s say I’m still under all my macros, but my carbs are close to the limit – I’m short on fat & protein, throwing off my macro “split”. Is it better to just leave it be, or should I grab some pork rinds & bump up the fat/protein to meet my split (whether it be 40/40/20 or 30/50/20 or whatever)?

  • Amber

    I use the My Macros+ app to log my macros and I find it easier to use than the My Fitnesspal app. My Macros+ costs $ but to me it was totally with the money to see my numbers…listed by meal and daily total and on the same screen where my foods are entered. You have to check it out!

  • Kellie

    I’m a few days in and I have all the appropriate tools necessary like MFP and a food scale and take vitamins to get my micros but I’m finding it so hard to meet my required carbs both per meal and in total. I have no problem hitting and going over proteins and fats though. Any suggestions ?

    • Don’t worry about hitting your macros per meal. Split your protein up evenly as you can, and let the carbs and fat equal up at the end of the day.

  • Thomas

    Hi quick question.

    I’ve done a real solid job meeting my Macros but some days (depending on what I choose to eat or a random lunch, dinner meeting happen) and I adjust by I barely… and i mean barely go over 1-2g on something. How serious of a problem is this? I would think no so much since it’s not like 10g or something. Any feedback?

  • Thomas

    Sorry keyboard is a little messed up, I rewrote so it’s more understable.

    Hi quick question.

    I’ve done a real solid job meeting my Macros but some days (depending on what I choose to eat or a random lunch, dinner meeting happen) and I adjust but I barely go over 1-2g on something. How serious of a problem is this? I would think not so much since it’s not like 10g or something. Any feedback. Other then that I’m on track every single day it’s just these random things come up and I’m shy just a tad.

    • try to hit your macros within 5 grams every day..
      Don’t stress it if you miss them

  • King

    can someone recommend a good digi food scale from amazon.com…..

    there are so many.

    • Tyronne

      Any one of them that can weigh up to 2kg (4 lbs) and that have an on/off and reset option

  • Erica

    Thanks for the article, it was a huge help! I have one question. It says to make sure your micro nutrients are met and then just focus on hitting your macros. How do you know when your micro nutrients are met (other than fiber?)
    Thank you!

  • Naomi

    I am confused on how to break up the amount of protein, fat, carb, etc. I used the calculator to figure my calorie intake but from there how do I separate how much to eat of the protein, fat , carb?.. help!

  • Cait

    What about sugar? I use my fitness pal should I follow their guideline for sugar?

    • Tyronne

      Sugar is irrelevant to anyone and everyone unless they’re suffering from diabetes or other diseases which have an effect on us with sugar intake

  • CP

    What happens if you kept your fats low but meet the carbs and protein intake?

    • Tyronne

      Why would you want to keep fats low for no reason?

  • Ga

    When trying to hit fats and carbs I always go over on protein.. What am I doing wrong?

    • Tyronne

      Eating too much protein rich foods. Eat less foods with protein.

      What are your protein numbers btw?

  • Perfect, simple and effective advice!!

  • Lena

    I use the calculators but I’m always worried that I will somehow not get the correct numbers and I will gain weight rather than gaining lean muscle. Right now I am slowly adding more carbs to my diet, with about 125 carbs 140 protein and 35 fat… But calculators always tell me WAY more carbs and fat and less protein. I just feel like I’m not sure what’s right

    • Tyronne

      Your ratios are completely off, Lena. Use the calculator, and stick to those amounts. If you are recovering from under-eating for a long period, add 100 calories a week until you reach your needed macro ratios. You will NOT get fat so suddenly from slowly increasing these amounts.

  • Danielle

    When using the macro calculator do I enter in my CURRENT activity level (sedentary) or the activity level I will be when starting iifym (active weight lifting)

    • Is this a serious question?
      Why would WHAT YOU ARE NOT DOING be part of the equation?

      • Tyronne

        To answer your question since admin is no help:

        You should calculate what you are doing at the time of doing IIFYM. This means that if you’re not going to gym currently, but would still like to start eating in this style, then calculate what you’re doing currently (sedentary)
        When you start gyming/lifting you must then adjust your macros again, with the new activity levels you’re doing.

  • AS


    I’m new to iifym, and I just wanted to make sure my numbers are correct..
    5’4 female weighing in at 162 pounds, carbs 195g, protein 150g, fats 48g. I’ve hit my macros perfectly the past two days but I just wanted to check something before i continue..

    Maybe it’s just my “carbs are evil” mindset kicking in but doesn’t 195g of carbs seem a bit high if i’m trying to lose weight? In comparison to other comments it just seems a lot higher than others calculations..

    If i could get help i would be grateful, thanks

    • Tyronne


      I would personally try raise the fat number ever so slightly, possibly 50-55g, fat are very important for your weight loss. Once set the fats slightly higher, your carb count will lower slightly.

  • Ashley

    Hey I’m new to tracking my Macros and have a question, I’m pretty muscular but I also do have some fat on me. I lift weights 3-5 days a week and do HIIT training 2-3 days a week. I’m looking to lose fat and gain muscle. I’m not sure how my Macros would be calculated because you have to chose one or the other. Could someone please help? Thank you in advance!

    • Tyronne

      Hi there Ashley, on the IIFYM calculator, you can enter your stats in firstly.. Once done that, usually it’s fine to keep the ratios at the recommended amounts.

      For ladies, usually it’s acceptable to have your protein @ 0.7 or 0.8 and your fat content could be higher or lower, dependent on whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain. Try the middle option which is recommended for now, try it out for a couple of weeks.

  • Armin

    How do i measure the total amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein in a food? Or do i just measure it pertaining to the grams used in my food?

    • Niamh


      When using myfitnesspal for macros for IIFYM – do you enter raw or uncooked values for mets fish etc.
      Does myfitnesspal not always use raw values so will macros not be wrong if you use it. Slightly confused so if anyone could point me in right direction that would be great. Thanks

      • AJ

        When you search MFP you can frequently search for “cooked” or “grilled” etc, or it will sometimes come up in a regular search. It’s now “always” one way or the other.

  • Yeliz

    Okay, thank you for the explanation. I now know my macros but how do I now my micros? Should we calculate micros right on track like macros?

  • Hello it’s me,I am also visiting this website daily, this web site
    is in fact fastidious and the viewers are genuinely sharing fastidious thoughts.

  • Amber

    Right now I’m feeling totally lost as how to meet my macro requirements,because its 1114 . I’m 5’6.5″ and 130 lbs. I used macrofit to calculate my numbers and my goal was to lose weight ( I choose the faster weight loss option). Also I’m a pescatarian and I don’t eat eggs, drink milk , or any other animal products other than fish. This is making it harder. Help me please.

  • Tony

    Question 1: While doing a certain split is it okay to take roughly 10% of your Carb Macros and transfer them to Protein Macros to help with satiation? (Does anyon know how high I can go on the % of macros to switch from Carbs to Protein without jeopardizing goals)

    Question 2: In IIFYM questionairres they ask if I’d rather eat more carbs or fat. Which leads me to believe that carbs and fats are somewhat interchangable as long as I use the conversion of 9:4 carbs to fats in order to stay at my caloric target. In essence it’s the same question as the one above, which is if I can swap carbs for fat and if I can what percent should I keep it to.

    NOTE: Im on a slow cut right but im about to reverse diet. So swapping 1 macronutrient type for another is just more of a general question.

    • Tyronne

      Q1: At the end of the day, if you’re in a caloric surplus you’ll gain weight. You should contact your healthcare professional with regards to the amount of protein you take in, and what sources. Some may find a high protein diet causes an increase in acidity in their blood count, so be sure to try get mostly from ‘natural’ sources from vegetables, fruit & dairy

      Q2: You’ll personally have to fiddle with the macro counts to see how it works for YOU, generally speaking it is quite wise to have a higher fat count in order to ensure your hormonal balance is fine (fats help your hormonal balance, being at an extended fat loss may change your hormones). I’d personally say, if you’re on a cut, keep your fat levels higher, if you’re bulking, keep them lower.

      • David Jackson

        Who are you? Are you a certified sports nutritionist?

  • Orlaith

    Hi, I normally followed LC diet but found i couldn’t stick to it in the long run. Decided to start IIFYM I avoid binges and to reintroduce healthy carbs as not the enemy. I’m 135 pounds and cutting on a 1200 cal diet . At .35 g for fat and .9 for protein this leaves my macros at 47g Fat 122g protein and 70g Carbs. Does this seem like an ok ratio? Should I increase / decrease anything? I’m not looking to become a fitness model or anything just need fat loss while not loosing muscle/energy.
    Also I found that following this sometimes I don’t hit my carbs or fat by about 10grams but always protein is this ok?
    Really knew to this so so would appreciate any experienced answer

    • AJ

      At 1200 calories your body will start to hold onto every calorie you eat and your weight loss will stall. I speak from experience, having previously eaten anywhere from 900-1300 calories and initally seeing a significant weight loss, only to see it stall out no matter how much I continued to reduce. Even though it’s scary, try using the macros that come out of the calculator for weight loss based on your TDEE. You may see water weight gain due to the change in eating patterns. When I first increased my calories I gained 4-5 pounds in a week (and had a major freak out), but it dropped back down. Hope this helps.

      • Angi

        AJ, did you increased your calories rapidly (from current 1300 cal to the macros that come out of the calculator for weight loss based on TDEE) or did you increase your intake by 100 cal a week? How long did it take to lose those 4-5 pounds again?

  • Hey there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new apple iphone!
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  • josh

    i’m sorry, but this is all so difficult! it seems like the only way to come close to meeting my macros for the day without going over in macros or calories is to add 1/8 of a tsp of ketchup to a meal or 1/64 a cup a spice of some kind. and it seems like you have to plan your meals a week in advance and the prospect of having to recalculate every week or so seems so damn obsessive and daunting! i can’t get this crap right?

    • Mark

      If it’s too hard then go ahead and continue being fat. Either you want it and you’re willing to put the work in or you don’t.

      Yes, it does take some planning and some discipline but once you get used to it, it’s doable. You sorta have to train yourself but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you give it a shot and do the best you can.

  • Carla

    Wha doesTDEE mean ,please Explain , Thank You..

    • Tyronne

      TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

  • Philip

    Hi i wonder why i have to stay with the same amout of protein and after i stall??? And just decrease carbs and fat?

  • savannah

    I stumbled upon Cronometer. I was an avid MyFitnessPal user until I found cronometer. It comes with an app as well. Some people may not like it cause it’s not so ‘eye appealing’ or as user friendly. But it’s perfect for me because I can enter the EXACT percentage of macros I want unlike MFP. Thought’d whoever might not be so satisfied with MFP could try cronometer

  • Chelsea

    I am starting IIFYM today. I calculated my macros with no exercise. Would doing exercise 5 days a week prevent me from losing weight if I’m following macros that were calculated for no exercise? I’ve been eating 1200-1300 cals/day per myfitnesspal recommendations but now IIFYM bumped me up to 1500. I don’t want to increase too fast but I want to be eating enough.

    • Tyronne

      Slowly increase your caloric amount by about 100ckal a week until you hit your desired goal.

  • Kristen

    I’m currently 5’2″ and 130, I work out 4-5x a week weight training. I’ve dabbled with IIFYM a few times but got discouraged when I didn’t see results within a week or 2. How often should fat loss be (daily/weekly)? My current IIFYM numbers are as follows:
    1537 calories/ day
    137g carbs, 130g protein, 52g fat
    Do these numbers seem right? Maybe I’m just not giving IIFYM a long enough chance… Any answers!

    • Joe Hammerdink

      Those numbers are high and much more inline with a male. Find your BMR and calculate your calories properly.

  • melissa

    What are Micros? It says “Select foods that are rich in micro nutrients (vitamins and mineral) first. Once your micro nutrients are met, go for food that you enjoy eating, while staying within your personal range of macro nutrients. (Once micros are met, worry less about the foods you eat, and more about the macros you meet)” — WHAT ARE MICROS? HOW DO I TRACK THEM?

  • A kroin

    Im now starting to watch what I eat and IM planning to use iifym as my bible for nutrition. Im a personal trainer and have been lifting on and off for awhile now but now Im more serious about my lifting. I will post updates on my progress.

    A. Kroin

    Cincinnati Ohio

  • Excellent, simple and effective advice!!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on signal.

  • Anthony

    So I have been prety much eye balling tracking my Macros for a while now, just making conscious decisions and live the tupp life with chicken, rice, and a little veg in each. I am going to lean on my fitness pal more than I have in the past, though I do notice that when I put in my IIFYM for my goals, I cannot get the percentages to divide exactly like the IIFYM everything ends up off my 5-15 grams. Can anyone help with this? Should I just use it as a guide and wrote down a daily log of where I end up?

    • Joe Hammerdink

      You are putting yourself through hell for NOTHING. You won’t look any better or be any healthier than someone eating taco bell, doughnuts, and chips to hit their macros. In fact, most times the true IIFYM eater looks and feels BETTER than the “broscience” clean eaters torturing themselves with grilled chicken, broccoli, brown rice, and sweet potato day after day after day.

      Stop trying to get these exact percentages. They will NEVER be exact. Just figure out your macros, eat whatever you want to get there, and exercise. Enjoy life.

  • Colette irwin

    Hi. Above guide States protein intake should be approx 1g for every lb
    I am 147 lbs. yet when I calculate iffy on the site calculator it recommends 84.6g protein per day?

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  • For the protein, is the 1 gram per pound, the current amount I weigh or the weight I want to weigh? I would like to lose 80lbs so it is a significant difference. When I first used the calculator on iifym, it stated I should only have 90 grams of protein, that seems extremely low, I would never want to weigh 90lbs. Also I see to start with nutrient rich foods, how can I find out how much micro nutrients my body requires?

    • Joe Hammerdink

      You absolutely do NOT need that much protein. 90g of protein a day isn’t low at all. It’s very moderate. Anything over 100g a day is ideal for most men who are lifting.

      This idea you need to somehow shovel in 200+g of protein a day is absurd.

  • Casey

    Once I hit maintenance mode i.e. no weight gain/loss I understand I can slowly add 10g of carbs to increase my metabolic rate so I can hopefully consume more carbs in the long run. Whilst doing this do I also slightly increase the other macros as well as calories or do I solely adjust the carbs? Thank you very much.

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  • Tia

    Hi. Ive lost 3lb in the first week. Should i increase macros now or wait another week and then adjust? I started at 143lbs at 5ft5, i feel 3lb is too much per week?

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  • John

    Hi, I have a quick question.

    In “How to start IIFYM today” it is stated:

    “10. Things to remember
    -Select foods that are rich in micro nutrients (vitamins and mineral) first. Once your micro nutrients are met, go for food that you enjoy eating, while staying within your personal range of macro nutrients. (Once micros are met, worry less about the foods you eat, and more about the macros you meet)”

    Does this mean, for example if I meet my Micros, through 5-6 veggies/fruits per day + Multi, protein and fiber requirement, I can fill in the rest of my daily macros with anything I like?

    Thanks in advance


  • Joe Hammerdink

    Wrong. You once again gave a ridiculous number for protein. A 200lb man does NOT NEED almost 200g of protein a day. This has been disproved by bodybuilders everywhere. Anything over 100g of animal-based protein is perfect for 99% of people. The rest of your food will have enough latent protein in it to cover.

    It’s this simple:

    Figure out your macros.
    Eat what you want to hit those macros.
    Workout with weights 4-5 times a week
    Do cardio 3-4 times a week


    Go enjoy life.

    • David Jackson

      Silly old fool! 99% of ‘people’ do not lift weights for exercise! You are such a hammerdink!

  • Dale T. Hill

    I can see no rationale for this “system” opting for the classic American muddling up of pounds with grams. Grams are part of the International System of metric units, using milligrams, grams, kilogrammes, which is entirely decimal, i.e. 1/1000, 1/100, 1/10 … 1,10,100,1000… and rationally connects mass with volume, e.g. a liter of water has a mass of a kilogram, a 1000 grams. But pounds and ounces are part of the ancient “Imperial” system of ounces, pounds, hundredweights, pints, quarts etc. adopted from British usage centuries ago, where the relationships in the scale are irrational. Mixing the two causes havoc, e.g. an ounce is 28.349 grams. So by advising, “Eat between .3 – .4 GRAMS of fat per POUND of lean body weight.” you are combining two TOTALLY unconnected systems of weights and measures, and making it all a lot more difficult. You do this throughout. And you opt for calories as units of heat energy, when kJoules is the modern metric unit. Go with metric and all the calculations make sense. Or remain unscientific and backward looking. There is no reason to fudge the units science uses, grams/kJoules, with an ancient methodology the “Founding Fathers” knew. What next? Sundials?

  • Craig Ramseur

    I plugged my numbers into your calculator and got 212g P/80g C/106g F (I’m 266lbs, 6’1″, and 55 years old). My BF scale says I’m about 176 lbs LBM which would result in 169g P. So why is my protein through your calculator so high? Is it the inaccuracy of my scale?


  • Pamela Diaz

    Quick question.
    3556kcal is my TDEE. Does this mean I have to eat this amount of kcals per day every day? The amount of kcal don’t change, if I exercise one day more than the other?

  • David Jackson

    This calculator is a Godsend! Yet people still ask many questions, as the old saying goes ‘ Give them an inch, they take a mile’.

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