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How to Start IIFYM Today

HOW DO I START TRACKING MACROS TO LOSE WEIGHT WITH IIFYM? The official flexible dieting guide on how to start tracking macros and burn fat with IIFYM The most common question we get from our readers that want to burn fat: In this article I will take all of the...

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Clean Eating, You’re Doing It Wrong – Track Macros Instead

Clean eating – What is it? Clean eating is becoming an increasingly popular trend in today’s society. However, many who eat clean are often confused by the lack of progress. The purpose of this article is to expand upon the concept of clean eating and to create a dietary approach...

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Why Is It Better to Weigh Rather Than Track Volume?

  This is a game changer for some of our clients. They realize that they've been overeating due to tracking volume and essentially counting macros improperly. Before moving forward, you should make sure you have a proper macro breakdown. If you don't, refer to our IIFYM macro calculator first! Moving on,...

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Why The Macro Diet Is Different

Tracking macros vs calories vs keto vs paelo Dieting. Is. Hard. ...Right? That is a tidbit of conventional wisdom that most people would concede to in a heartbeat without batting an eye. Perhaps, one that you are probably nodding in agreement with as you read it. However, you know I'm about to...

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Do I Add Back Calories I Burn During Exercise?

This is one of those questions we get every day. "Should I add calories that I burn during exercise back to my total". While I can see why this is tempting, the answer is a firm, absolutely not! Here's Why: If you used the IIFYM calculator to get your macros,...

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Refeed vs Cheat Meals

  What Is A Refeed & How Can It Help IIFYM Fat Loss? We get over 200 emails every day at IIFYM and without a doubt, one of the most common questions our clients ask us is ‘what is a refeed’? Refeeds are one of the fat loss strategies we use...

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