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You’re about to meet some people with amazing stories. Folks who’ve fought through all sorts of challenges to rise above being what most call “just regular people.” Full-time jobs, single parent-two job struggles, overcoming disease. Broken, unhealthy families and children becoming whole again.

Heroes, living busy lives just like you.

Despite the roadblocks, despite having failed many times before, and quit, these are people who found the courage to try once more.

Over the last eight years IIFYM has been the light at the end of the tunnel. The end of dieting.

Our sustainable scientific program has taken the world by storm. Millions have already joined our ranks, and here’s the thing: once you experience the good life IIFYM delivers, you’ll be family for life.


President and Founder,

I love "Ant's" energy and his focus on unique problems that woman have. Too many sites only highlight men. You finally get control of food because there is nothing you can't eat when you're counting macros with IIFYM.

Kim Jolicoeur
Kim Jolicoeur

Grand Prize Winner!

“IIFYM Showed Me How to Finally Drop 60 Pounds of Unwanted Pregnancy Weight!”


Our recent video contest produced one thrilling success story after another, but when this busy mother’s two baby girls join her in the video, we knew we had our winner!

Mind-blowing Report from Mother of 4!

In this video, IIFYM student shares incredible insights, including:

  • How to feel ZEN, even when you’re a Mother of FOUR kids!
  • Ways IIFYM helps you smash through plateaus, like when you’re losing weight but body looking the same
  • How and Why You Can make a SIMPLE 3-step Workout part of your day *(you won't believe what a difference for your body weight and appearance!)
  • What NEWBIES struggle with during the first 6 days… and How to Fix it Fast!
  • Unlike other dieting programs that require absurd limitations and set you up for failure, IIFYM stays with you for LIFE.

"I lost 45 pounds and 5 inches off my gut..." 

"As long as it fit my macros I could eat anything I wanted and still lose weight.  IIFYM has made a huge difference!"

Reggie Irizarry

"IIFYM helped me STOP BINGING!!! No more restrictions means no more urge to binge."

"I work what I'm craving into my macros!"

Jennifer Freeborn

"I'm happy!"

"Since I started IIFYM I feel like I'm more knowledgeable on what I'm putting into my body. I learned a lot since I first started, like what works for me and what doesn't.

I'm happy I started tracking my macros instead of just focusing on calories!"

Rebecca Politis

"Before IIFYM, I didn't feel the best about myself, my self esteem was low, I was shy, and hid away."

"Now I go topless to the beach."


Nathaniel Borda

Case Study #1377 - Nicole Bryce

Nicole was facing a dilemma.

Her diet routine was stale and she needed something new.

IIFYM required a bit of faith on Nicole's part when she realized she could eat more carbohydrates and STILL shed fat!

What does someone as trim as Nicole have to say about IIFYM's program?

“Trust the process!”

Case Study #2037 - Danielle Copeland

Danielle was stuck: she couldn't "drop that last stubborn 10 pounds.” 

But that wasn't all...

Danielle also recognized she needed to “Get a healthy relationship with food before my second pregnancy." Enter IIFYM... and those 10 pounds GONE!

And after hitting that goal, we asked her what she thinks...“Huge fan of iifym.

Total game changer!

Even when I do mess up and have a 'bad' weekend, I am confident that my metabolism is so revved up, that

...not a single pound gained!”

PS: Way to go, Danielle! We love the way you look… oh, if your boyfriend ever wakes up, tell him hello for us. 🙂

Case Study #681 - Carrie Daniels

Carrie felt like she had plateaued…

And she wasn't happy with her previous diet...

With the help of the IIFYM Facebook group and a coach, Carrie is looking amazing!

Keep that wonderful smile Carrie!!

What would Carrie tell you if you’re thinking about joining IIFYM?

"Just Do It!"

"I was always tired, hungry, wondering what I should eat... Now I know exactly how much to eat, the tired feeling is gone, and I'm never hungry."

Christy Currin

"IIFYM is the Greatest Move I've Ever Made!"

In this video,You'll Discover How Desperation Can Produce Results

  • The two keys that gave Meghan the results she’d searched for her entire life
  • How she achieved better mood, no swings and best of all: no more bingeing!
  • What happened after years and years of struggling that unlocked her success…
  • The one thing that enabled Meghan to finally achieve the body she always wanted!
  • Find out what Meghan’s only regret is…

Case Study #7060 - Tyler Bates

Before IIFYM, Tyler confesses he was “in a rut, feeling like he was never going to get where he wanted to go.”

Then all that frustration and agony melted away, when Tyler got started with IIFYM.

“I just used the plan I bought from your IIFYM website (the Blueprint) and some help from a few friends.”

Don’t miss the point: having a group to support you on your journey is crucial to achieving your goals, too.

And what happens when you find your support and a blueprint? Well, all kinds of great things! For instance Tyler’s big breakthrough with IIFYM was:

“I went from a 36 waist to a 32 ... my waist has never been that small!”

Great work, Tyler. Any words of wisdom?

"IIFYM is the best thing to do if you don't want to deprive yourself from the foods you like

This is a great program and I will continue to follow it!”

Case Study #350 - Tracy Smith

Before we met Tracy Smith she felt like most of us do before finding IIFYM. Tracy told us she was “feeling unhealthy, tired and with some persistent pains in both, knees and back.”

Tracy had some doubts at the outset. Who wouldn’t? IIFYM's scientifically-based program isn't what most FAD diets are selling. That's why What surprised Tracy the most was:

“that you can eat MORE than a ‘diet’ and still lose fat!”

And how does she feel today? We’ll let that slim waistline do the talking. 🙂

Any success tips, Tracy?

“You have to put in the work and stick to the numbers, but

it's totally worth it!”

How did Tracy do it? With help from a coach, who gave her her macro numbers, motivation, guidance, and more!

Case Study #281 - Dawn Harper

It’s no wonder Dawn’s got a smile in these after photos!

When she got started with IIFYM, she was at a plateau.

As the after-shot shows, Dawn is smiling now!

Super job, Dawn... We asked her about IIFYM, and she had this to say:

“IIFYM is simple to follow… I still enjoy food because it’s not a strict diet!”

"Pizza and Beer!"

"I used the online calculator first, then purchased the blueprint and joined the IIFYM women's Facebook group.  I love that on Fridays, I can plan 2 pieces of Dominos pizza and a Coors light and make it fit!"

Teri Kellum

"Feel Better"

IIFYM is an awesome program that helps you lose weight, gain lean muscle, & all around makes you feel better about dieting.

Chris Garza

"Treat yourself!"

If you want to start counting macros but don't know where to start, IIFYM is a great program.

Emily Carter

"I'm a foodie"

To stay healthy and eat for performance. I did all the fad diets growing up and was miserable. I'm a foodie and want to eat all the good stuff while feeling good about myself.

Michelle Vicino

What got Sean searching for IIFYM?

“My dieting approach was not sustainable. IIFYM teaches you how to approach food in a normal manner instead of just trying to ‘eat clean’ all the time!"

Sean Phou

Enjoy These Inspirational Stories...

Then Go Write Your Own IIFYM Success Story!

Case Study #9968 - Abby Gray

Before starting IIFYM, Abby admits she was in the same traps as many people who try to make restrictive diets work: “I was having to workout more to make up for all the cheating!”

Abby also has a lot of great advice for anyone who’s looking for a permanent solution to dieting and weight loss. Listen to this:

“You have to want something that isn't trendy or based on major limitations, food/exercise fears. You have to accept science backed information and be willing and ready to say everything you thought you knew could be wrong. And then to learn the real facts, embrace them and let yourself actually live and be healthier.”

Well-said Abby… and *VERY* well-done. We love having you with us! One more question: what specific tools did you use to achieve your transformation?

“Everything - the IIFYM Facebook group, blogs, Pinterest, YouTube.”

There you go: here at the IIFYM laboratory team is always working to make your journey as smooth as possible. There’s lots of support and in place to help you achieve your dreams here.

Case Study #2004 - Tyra Kidd

Big Win:Eating 6 Oreos and still having a ton of macros to play with😂!”

Big Dream: To have a better relationship with food, and to learn to eat not just because I feel like or I'm bored, but because my body needs it.

How Tyra Felt Before: “Miserable. Sucked dry. I had zero energy.”

What Tyra Said After:IIFYM rocks! TRY IT! You'd truly enjoy it.”

Tyra’s IIFYM Success Secret: “Fitness pages on instagram who follow the iifym plan.” (Check out the Official IIFYM Instagram Page here.)

Case Study #6091 - Courtney Crossley

I can still "cheat" without actually cheating!

Last December, Courtney Crossley made a decision. The results speak for themselves, but we still wanted to know how she hit her goal so fast. When we asked, Courtney only cited one tool - MyFitnessPal.com which is an awesome free tool that makes tracking your food a snap.

Courtney’s Advice for You?

“Try it, it's more flexible than you think. It's really not that hard!”

It takes some time to get used to and planning ahead is a must (for me), but it really helps you understand what you are eating, why, and how it helps to fuel your body.

Allyssa Wall

I wanted flexibility in my diet but still reach my fitness goals.

I felt limited and trapped. I felt like I would get out of control and binge whenever I would stray a little from the "meal plan".

So I purchased the blueprint. I was losing weight while still eating things I liked and even eating MORE than i was before IIFYM

DO IT! you'll never regret it.

Carrie Holladay

It's a great way to get your foot in the macro tracking world and healthier lifestyle. This program is so easy to follow and understand because it breaks down the science behind macro tracking in everyday language which is what most of us are looking for.

Madelin Rivera

It will change your life forever and the way you think about food. It also helps you stop binge eating because you never think:

"Well I won't be able to eat this again so I might as well eat 50 of them since I'm already cheating"

Joana Bassil

"“I wanted something I could do that fits into MY likes and dislikes… and to actually enjoy sugar sometimes if it fits!

🙂 it's nice to be given a proven recipe for improvement!”"

Pamela Rockenfeller

Incredible Transformations Happen Here Every Day!

Read  About These  Inspirational Females and their IIFYM Journey

Case Study #1764 - Kendra Mcnulty

Meet Kendra, a strong IIFYM believer.

In fact, she’s offered to join our team to help us share this program!

Before IIFYM, Kendra reported being "slow and sluggish."

We taught her “The importance of carbs in my  daily intake in order for me to put on muscle and lean out.”

And now Kendra tells anyone who’ll listen:

“It’s a Must Try!”

Case Study #173 - Kaleigh Hendrix

Successful IIFYM user Kaleigh reveals how she made success her lifestyle:

“I've been on my weight loss journey for 3 years now, with two pregnancies. I needed something flexible that allows me to be a mom so I’m not stuck in the kitchen prepping 24/7.”

“Remember to give yourself and the program time.  Rome wasn't built in a day. You didn't gain it all in a week you aren't going to lose it all in a week!”

Case Study #834 - Carie Daniels

“The food you can eat is YUMMY!”

Carie Daniels had hit a plateau. She was stuck and needed a fix. Enter IIFYM. When she found IIFYM’s Facebook group, Carrie had this to say:

“Love your fb group!! Love everyone's stories it's really an inspiration on any given day.....”

With the help of a trainer, Carrie got started. Right away she reports being blown away by two things:

1. The amount of food she can eat
2. That the foods she’s eating now are so yummy!

Carie tells anyone who’ll listen:

“Just do it...what do you have to lose??”

I have always had trouble burning fat and gaining muscle while trying other diets and lived with an eating disorder for 3 years and I have heard that macro counting is the best way to go so I decided to invest.

Jordyn Gier

I have been yoyo dieting most of my adult life. Usually massive calorie restrictions and very low cards.

I wanted something that I could adhere to and not stress over.

Nikki Brookshire

Do It! It has been the missing piece of my weight lose journey. I was working out consistently for over 6 months with little change. Once I started counting my macros it all came together!

Stacy Dixon

I love it, and tell people to try it all the time. My neighbors and I created a "support group" where we exchange recipes and ideas, exercise together and cookouts are so much easier. Like I said, it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. Love it!

Robin Doeden

"I wanted to break my cycle of binge eating and the idea that I could eat MORE and be leaner and feel better than I ever have been?

IIFYM has been the piece in my health journey I have been missing for years!"

Meghan Sandve

More Reports Directly from the IIFYM Success Vault!

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If you have hit a wall with your current program, try IIFYM

Lisa Smith

My breakthrough was actually fiber - I didnt pay attention to fiber and once I did I started to feel better and like my food was more balanced.

Michelle Brice
Michelle Brice

What I'd tell people? That they don't have to survive on 1300 calories... and that will definitely backfire later!

Erin Henigin
Erin Henigin

Break free from restrictive diet plans and find balance that works for you!

GO for it!

Catherine Hawes

I got an understanding on the specifics of how my diet was affecting my body fat, muscle maintenance, and energy levels (not just calorie counting).

Get the personalized Macro Blueprint for sure.

Andrea Moore
Andrea Moore

It was recommended by a CrossFit coach a couple of years ago - gave it a shot because I needed to lose body fat and preserve muscle, without being hungry all the time.

Shauna Zosso

I wanted to start doing cross fit and was doing some research on diets and this seem to be the most reasonable.

Cassandra Larson
Cassandra Larson

It's great to be able to eat and just try to make things fit

Elizabeth Rooney
Elizabeth Rooney

This is manageable, your not going to start eating veggies and a detox you eat what you like and you'll feel accomplished that you'll want to start adding healthier items along the way. And you won't feel guilty for eating what you like, but proud you swapped for something healthier.

Jennifer Payne

You can eat and lose weight, you don't have to starve and restrict carbs to nothing. You don't have to be a super athlete and you don't need to crossfit everyday.

There's a lot of people who stick with the program and see results. Try to open your mind and listen to those people and don't get discouraged.

Candice Kotulak
Candice Kotulak

Being on Paleo made me miserable, but I need structure in my diet or I'm guaranteed to fail. A quick Google search later and here I am.

Maegin Matheny
Maegin Matheny

It made me realize I was not getting enough protein. I also realized how some foods I thought were healthy foods, didn't really contain the best type of nutrients.

It really does make you hyper-aware of what you intake every day.

Becky Dill
Becky Dill

The first day I got all my numbers perfect - I was full and I didn't over eat!

Alexandra Jeffries
Alexandra Jeffries

It's like having a compass instead of losing your way in the dark.

Rodney Eck
Rodney Eck

I Had to try it when I started seeing friends that already tried IIFYM with great results... and my diet wasn't working the way i expected.

Carla Camargo
Carla Camargo

Do it. You don't have to restrict yourself, you'll feel better, you're less likely to binge and undo all your hard work. You have nothing to lose (except extra weight) so why not try it out?

IIFYM for life.

Lauren Hardy

IIFYM helps me get away from food guilt.

Amiee Tomasello
Amiee Tomasello

Have failed on other diets and many of my fellow gym mates have had success with this diet plan.

Travis Burkhead
Travis Burkhead

I do know that making myself aware of what I'm eating and having to perform an autopsy on every meal is a little difficult, but also very eye opening.

Give it a go!

Sheryl Scott

Try something new that will allow for flexibility.

Lisa Hurley
Lisa Hurley

Just look at the pictures of the client testimonials.

Erik Whitman
Erik Whitman

I was eating pancakes and still losing weight!

Maricela Meza
Maricela Meza

It's a must try!

I would love to know if or when you may do certification courses. I would love to help others with this process.

Kendra Mcnulty

I felt like I wasn't maximizing my diet potential.

IIFYM helped me jumpstart my diet!

Patrick Techmeier
Patrick Techmeier

Get the personal blueprint & put your recommended macros on the refrigerator on a sticky note. If you have trouble starting, just start. It doesn't have to be perfect & the more you record & follow your plan, the easier it will become. And if you don't meet your macro goal, tomorrow is another day. Keep at it. And don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods, just plan for it.

This has been really good for me. I struggle with remembering to record since I don't have my iPhone with me all the time. But I try to write it down on a piece of paper & then record it on My Fitness Pal.

Karen Durham

Trying to look great for my wedding and needed a guideline

Heather Scherer
Heather Scherer

There are not good foods or bad foods! Enjoy life in moderation!

Sarah Keeley
Sarah Keeley

I'm a pregnant figure competitor who didn't have tremendous amount of direction just bounced from fad to fad... and strict cookie cutter meal plans.

IIFYM makes so much sense I couldn't believe ... anyone would consider anything else!

Larisa Fields
Larisa Fields

Awesome to see the success Facebook members are showing... and to know I don't have to drink protein shakes everyday!

Anne Kramer
Anne Kramer

I'm so grateful for a system that is realistic and just makes sense. I felt like I had to starve myself for so long, but IIFYM focuses on HEALTH which is so important.

Jaclyn West

If you are unhappy about restrictions or unrolling to cut things out from their diet completely, I'd highly recommend IIFYM.

Maegin Matheny
Maegin Matheny

I can get in shape and lose fat while eating foods like pizza and ice cream!

There is nothing else out there like IIFYM.

Hunter Mccaslin
Hunter Mccaslin

Do it - it will increase your understanding of what you are eating vs. what you should be eating.

Jessica Zoll
Jessica Zoll

Definitely try it. It's the only way to NOT feel deprived when 'dieting.'

I love your site.

 Jennifer Stephens
Jennifer Stephens

I'm seeing how IIFYM fuels my workouts and I'm not starving at the end of the day. It's a series of small steps that lead to big changes.

Lauren Hardy

I love seeing people's progress pictures. I'm really trying to dial in eating and make the macros. I'm dying to see what I can become.

Jeanne Feeley

All foods are options, as long as you plan ahead.

Sophia Rester
Sophia Rester

Give it a shot, trust the process, and take pictures!

Kendall Krueger

I think a lot of people are often looking for quick fix diets. This is not that. IIFYM is a lifestyle change. You have to be ready to commit to a process that takes time.

Bianca Esquivel

I've seen a few of my friends get really good results with it.

Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

It's easiest to focus on getting one macro down for a week before moving onto the next, and by the end having created a good habit of planning and tracking... It takes a bit of effort in the beginning, but once you have it down,

It's so easy.

Hannah Escallier

I love Ant's energy and his focus on unique problems that woman have.

Too many sites only highlight men, Thanks Ant.

Kim Jolicoeur
Kim Jolicoeur

I reached my ideal weight of 165 as shredded as I will ever be.

Try IIFYM it's a great way to reach goals, no matter what your goal is!

Daniel Rayon

IIFYM has helped me see that there are so many food options to lose weight.

Dayna Kanouna
Dayna Kanouna

It's honestly life changing. As cliche as that sounds, it's something I will have with me forever.
Just do it!! It's the best thing I could have done
That it's. It as hard as it looks and you'll actually enjoy dieting.
It is pretty easy to follow.
Don't hesitate, it made a huge difference in my overall health
Do it!! It really works and you'll be feeling and looking better quicker than you expect, and you can still have the foods you want as long as they fit your macros.
It has helped me to STOP BINGING!!! Because I am not restricting myself to only "clean" foods, or doing low carb, I don't get the urge to binge. I just work what I'm craving into my macros!
GO for it! Break free from restrictive diet plans and find balance that works for you!
It's a must try
That it works if you track correctly and give it time to get there.
That it seems to work, it takes a bit to get used to weighing things but will soon become your new norm.
To do it!! It's doable.
It's not a diet. Once you get used to it - it becomes just the way you eat!
Try it, it's more flexible than you think. It's really not that hard.
Use and app and plan your days a head of time
To do it!! It's doable.
Do it, trust the system and trust your body and work hard and hit your numbers
TRY IT! You'd truly enjoy it.
To give it time. Rome wasn't built in a day. You didn't gain it all in a week you aren't going to loose it all in a week.
This is the best program if you're looking to reach your goals but don't want to deprive yourself
You have to want something that isn't trendy or based on major limitations, food/exercise fears. You have to accept science backed information and be willing and ready to say everything you thought you knew could be wrong. And then to learn the real facts, embrace them and let yourself actually live and be healthier.
It's the best thing to do if you don't want to deprive yourself from the foods you like
Trust the process
It is simple to follow. I still enjoy food. Not a strict diet.
Do it, don't turn back it will change your life physically and mentally!
Do it! It will seem hard at first, but it will become second nature and you will love the results and freedom that comes with it!
As you guys always say - TRUST THE PROCESS!!!!
Do it !! It's the best thing I've tried .ever!
That it is a sustainable approach and would teach you how to approach food in a 'normal' manner instead of just trying to eat "clean" all the time in order to lose weight.
Just do it...what do you have to lose??
Just Do it.....
It makes a lot more sense then traditional clean eating
I recommend it to everyone; it's not dieting, it's eating normal, but knowing you're eating enough/not too much
Try it based on everything I see this works
There is a lot of information and support provided
It's great and easy with an app to search foods.
It's tough at first and feels like there's no way you can be losing fat eating as much as you do.
Trust the numbers, it works.
Try it out.
Do it!! You won't regret it! Put yourself back in the driver's seat!
IIFYM makes macros-based dieting and lifestyle much more attainable!
Information is life changing
Please give it a try. It will make your life so much easier especially if you get the blue print. Also, don't be discouraged at first and to keep on going.
It's not as hard as you think it is.
Stick w it, it works
Follow steps, do the work, results follow. If u get lazy, cheat- you only cheat yourself.
Be patient. I am still in week 1-2 so not yet seen progress but feel less hungry.
Try it! What have you got to lose? (Except the weight)
System proven to work....
Try it
I would tell them it will heal their relationship with food and help them learn how to really fuel their body.
Definitely try it! Tracking can take some time to get used to and can be a pain at times but it's so worth being able to eat properly.
Just F**n do it, you're not going to regret
Keep an open mind and prep!

Try it
Definitely try it. It's the only way to NOT feel deprived when "dieting."
It's not dieting.
Try it you will never regret it
Do it
It's like tracking calories just broken down into Carbs, Proteins and fats.
Stick with it for at least 4-6 weeks. Patience is key. It WILL work, the fat WILL come off. Be consistent and trust the process.
It's a bit of maintence to track and weigh, but it works if you are consistent.
Stay with it. Don't lose track.
counting macros can be challenging at first but when you get the hang of it you find yourself saying "I can't eat that, I only have X number of macros for the day and that doesn't fit". You finally get control of food because there is nothing you can't eat when you're counting macros, you just have to spend a few minutes each day planning your food and then follow it.
Get on board with a sound nutrition plan!
Works if you follow
That it works and you don't feel deprived.
It has changed my life! I would recommend it to anyone.
It starts getting easier as you practice
It's easy! Get yourself a kitchen scale, find an app that you like to track your macros, and go for it!
Give it a shot!
Do it! It is inexpensive and completely worth it!
It is amazing and flexible
Life changing
It is the ONLY diet that you can sustain your whole life. You can eat with your friends and family! You don't have to be an anti-social hermit crab because you are on a "diet". It isn't even a "diet", it's a LIFESTYLE. IIFYM has changed my life forever and I am changing all those around me because of it. I also am currently getting my pt and fitness nutrition certs so that I can help as many people as I possibly can to learn about IIFYM.
Do it!
I would tell them that this lifestyle allows you to be flexible responsibly without having to stress about if you cheated or not for that day.
Trust the process
Just try it. Try it for 3months and see how you feel. Give it a chance. It is okay if you are over & under bc there is definitely a learning curve to getting the hang of macros. Drop the guilt and just try.
It would change their life
be responsible or it wont work
To try it it's a great way to reach that goal you have no matter what your goal is
Patience and planning are essential
Be honest in your tracking and the results will come.
It takes a bit of effort in the beginning, but once you have it down, it's so easy.
That it is worth a try
Get the personal blueprint & put your recommended macros on the refrigerator on a sticky note. If you have trouble starting, just start. It doesn't have to be perfect & the more you record & follow your plan, the easier it will become. And if you don't meet your macro goal, tomorrow is another day. Keep at it. And don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods, just plan for it.
Do it! Trust it and track it all don't lie to yourself.
To not give up.
Try it out for a few months. And you won't be hungry
That it is easy and works.
It is definitely worth a try. This is extremely doable.
Get the necessary results from training you have to have your macros in check
It's harder than you think but if you plan you can do it.
It's a lot of work to weigh, measure and track everything but worth it
I can't because I have not yet try it.
To definitely give it a try , there is so much food freedom
I'ts hard to track the macros at first but it gets better as you educate yourself
Do it, it's totally worth it! I fee so much better and I'm not starving anymore!
Do it! There is a learning curve, but it is amazing.
I always tell people to check out this site if they want to lose weight and eat properly.
Try it. You've tried everything else, why not take this on for a ride. You won't regret it.
so. much. food.
You get to eat more food. It is less restrictive.
This is nutrition guidelines.

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