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You’re about to meet some people with amazing stories. Folks who’ve fought through all sorts of challenges to rise above being what most call “just regular people.” Full-time jobs, single parent-two job struggles, overcoming disease. Broken, unhealthy families and children becoming whole again.

Heroes, living busy lives just like you.

Despite the roadblocks, despite having failed many times before, and quit, these are people who found the courage to try once more.

Over the last eight years IIFYM has been the light at the end of the tunnel. The end of dieting.

Our sustainable scientific program has taken the world by storm. Millions have already joined our ranks, and here’s the thing: once you experience the good life IIFYM delivers, you’ll be family for life.


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“IIFYM Showed Me How to Finally Drop 60 Pounds of Unwanted Pregnancy Weight!”

Our recent video contest produced one thrilling success story after another, but when this busy mother’s two baby girls join her in the video, we knew we had our winner!

In this video, IIFYM student shares incredible insights, including:

  • How to feel ZEN, even when you’re a Mother of FOUR kids!
  • Ways IIFYM helps you smash through plateaus, like when you’re losing weight but body looking the same
  • How and Why You Can make a SIMPLE 3-step Workout part of your day *(you won’t believe what a difference for your body weight and appearance!)
  • What NEWBIES struggle with during the first 6 days… and How to Fix it Fast!
  • Unlike other dieting programs that require absurd limitations and set you up for failure, IIFYM stays with you for LIFE.

“I Lost 45 pounds and 5 inches off my gut…”

“As long as it fit my macros I could eat anything I wanted and still lose weight. IIFYM has made a huge difference!”

Reggie Irizarry


“I was always tired, hungry, wondering what I should eat…”

“Now I know exactly how much to eat, the tired feeling is gone, and I’m never hungry.”

Christy Currin



Case Study #2037 – Danielle Copeland

Danielle was stuck: she couldn’t “drop that last stubborn 10 pounds.”

But that wasn’t all…

Danielle also recognized she needed to “Get a healthy relationship with food before my second pregnancy.” Enter IIFYM… and those 10 pounds GONE!

And after hitting that goal, we asked her what she thinks…“Huge fan of iifym.

Total game changer!

Even when I do mess up and have a ‘bad’ weekend, I am confident that my metabolism is so revved up, that

…not a single pound gained!”

PS: Way to go, Danielle! We love the way you look… oh, if your boyfriend ever wakes up, tell him hello for us. ?

Case Study #1377 – Nicole Bryce

Nicole was facing a dilemma.

Her diet routine was stale and she needed something new.

IIFYM required a bit of faith on Nicole’s part when she realized she could eat more carbohydrates and STILL shed fat!

What does someone as trim as Nicole have to say about IIFYM’s program?

“Trust the process!”

Case Study #681 – Crystal Daniels

Crystal felt like she had plateaued…

And she wasn’t happy with her previous diet…

With the help of the IIFYM Facebook group and a coach, Crystal is looking amazing!

Keep that wonderful smile Crystal!!

What would Crystal tell you if you’re thinking about joining IIFYM?

“Just Do It!”


Case Study #7060 – Tyler Bates

Before IIFYM, Tyler confesses he was “in a rut, feeling like he was never going to get where he wanted to go.”

Then all that frustration and agony melted away, when Tyler got started with IIFYM.

“I just used the plan I bought from your IIFYM website (the Blueprint) and some help from a few friends.”

Don’t miss the point: having a group to support you on your journey is crucial to achieving your goals, too.

And what happens when you find your support and a blueprint? Well, all kinds of great things! For instance Tyler’s big breakthrough with IIFYM was:

“I went from a 36 waist to a 32 … my waist has never been that small!”

Great work, Tyler. Any words of wisdom?

“IIFYM is the best thing to do if you don’t want to deprive yourself from the foods you like …

This is a great program and I will continue to follow it!”

Case Study #350 – Tracy Smith

Before we met Tracy Smith she felt like most of us do before finding IIFYM. Tracy told us she was “feeling unhealthy, tired and with some persistent pains in both, knees and back.”

Tracy had some doubts at the outset. Who wouldn’t? IIFYM’s scientifically-based program isn’t what most FAD diets are selling. That’s why what surprised Tracy the most was:

“that you can eat MORE than a ‘diet’ and still lose fat!”

And how does she feel today? We’ll let that slim waistline do the talking. 🙂

Any success tips, Tracy?
“You have to put in the work and stick to the numbers, but

it’s totally worth it!”

How did Tracy do it? With help from a coach, who gave her her macro numbers, motivation, guidance, and more!

Case Study #281 – Dawn Harper

It’s no wonder Dawn’s got a smile in these after photos!

When she got started with IIFYM, she was at a plateau.

As the after-shot shows, Dawn is smiling now!

Super job, Dawn… We asked her about IIFYM, and she had this to say:

“IIFYM is simple to follow… I still enjoy food because it’s not a strict diet!”

Case Study #9968 – Abby Gray

Before starting IIFYM, Abby admits she was in the same traps as many people who try to make restrictive diets work: “I was having to workout more to make up for all the cheating!”

Abby also has a lot of great advice for anyone who’s looking for a permanent solution to dieting and weight loss. Listen to this:

“You have to want something that isn’t trendy or based on major limitations, food/exercise fears. You have to accept science backed information and be willing and ready to say everything you thought you knew could be wrong. And then to learn the real facts, embrace them and let yourself actually live and be healthier.”

Well-said Abby… and *VERY* well-done. We love having you with us! One more question: what specific tools did you use to achieve your transformation?

“Everything – the IIFYM Facebook group, blogs, Pinterest, YouTube.”

There you go: the IIFYM team is always working to make your journey as smooth as possible. We have lots of support in place to help you achieve your dreams.

iifym testimonials

Case Study #2004 – Tyra Kidd

Big Win: “Eating 6 Oreos and still having a ton of macros to play with😂!”

Big Dream: To have a better relationship with food, and to learn to eat not just because I feel like or I’m bored, but because my body needs it.

How Tyra Felt Before: “Miserable. Sucked dry. I had zero energy.”

What Tyra Said After: “IIFYM rocks! TRY IT! You’d truly enjoy it.”

Tyra’s IIFYM Success Secret: “Fitness pages on instagram who follow the iifym plan.” (Check out the Official IIFYM Instagram Page here.)

Case Study #6091 – Courtney Crossley

I can still “cheat” without actually cheating!

Last December, Courtney Crossley made a decision. The results speak for themselves, but we still wanted to know how she hit her goal so fast. When we asked, Courtney only cited one tool – MyFitnessPal.com which is an awesome free tool that makes tracking your food a snap.

Courtney’s Advice for You?

“Try it, it’s more flexible than you think. It’s really not that hard!”

Case Study #1764 – Kendra Mcnulty

Meet Kendra, a strong IIFYM believer.

In fact, she’s offered to join our team to help us share this program!

Before IIFYM, Kendra reported being “slow and sluggish.”

We taught her “The importance of carbs in my daily intake in order for me to put on muscle and lean out.”

And now Kendra tells anyone who’ll listen:

“It’s a Must Try!”

iifym testimonials

Case Study #173 – Kaleigh Hendrix

Successful IIFYM user Kaleigh reveals how she made success her lifestyle:

“I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 3 years now, with two pregnancies. I needed something flexible that allows me to be a mom so I’m not stuck in the kitchen prepping 24/7.”

“Remember to give yourself and the program time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You didn’t gain it all in a week you aren’t going to lose it all in a week!”

Case Study #834 – Carie Daniels

“The food you can eat is YUMMY!”

Carie Daniels had hit a plateau. She was stuck and needed a fix. Enter IIFYM. When she found IIFYM’s Facebook group, Carrie had this to say:

“Love your fb group!! Love everyone’s stories it’s really an inspiration on any given day…..”

With the help of a trainer, Carrie got started. Right away she reports being blown away by two things:

1. The amount of food she can eat

2. That the foods she’s eating now are so yummy!

Carie tells anyone who’ll listen:

“Just do it…what do you have to lose??”