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Combat Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment And Use It To Create An Advantage

  Vitamin D is one supplement that's been getting some well-deserved attention in recent years. Numerous studies and research have come out that suggest that sufficient vitamin D intake is linked with increased aerobic capacity, muscle growth, strength and bone density as well as decreased recovery time with exercise. Not...

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Announcing Our First Sponsored Athlete: IFBB Pro Matt Christianer

  IIFYM Sponsors IFBB Pro Matt Christianer If you have been following the journey of IIFYM.com, you know that our macro diet website started out as a small blog with diet plans. My goal was to provide as much quality information about flexible dieting as possible. To teach people how...

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The Essential Guide to Workout Supplements

  While getting all of your nutrients and energy from whole food options is ideal, IIFYM.com isn’t naïve to think that people aren’t looking for workout supplements to fill in the gaps. With so many brands and products on the market, it’s difficult to decipher what is legit and what...

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The Best Fish Oil Supplement for the Money

  As someone who believes it’s difficult to put a price tag on good health, I’m still price conscious when shopping for supplements. I don’t buy into the hype and I’m not about to spend money on something that does not have science backing it. With that being said, IIFYM.com...

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